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Butterfly moments:

Our eHarmony couples share their stories of moments which set their hearts aflutter.

When we had finished our first date and I drove away from him by myself, I had a whole party of butterflies going on as I liked him so much and I had real hope that it was the beginning of something wonderful. I couldn't wait to see him again and I was really excited!
- Shona
Very early on in our relationship, every time his name popped up on my phone, when he would text me throughout the day, gave me butterflies. I'd almost not want to open it straight away to save the excitement of a new message from him.
- Jess
There was an occasion a few weeks after we first met, I was at work and we were not due to meet that evening. I was talking with a customer and had my back turned. As they left I turned around and saw Nigel standing beside my desk with a big beaming smile on his face. My knees went weak and my tummy turned a somersault. I just stood and stared at him not knowing whether to rush over and kiss him or to play it cool and simply say Hi!
- Barbara
He took hold of my hand and whilst I felt like a firework I also felt really calm and safe. We had our first kiss at the end of our first date. During our kiss I felt like my heart was going to push out of my chest, it was such a lovely feeling and those first few weeks emailing led to that being more intense as I felt I knew him.
- Helen
I think the first time I properly got butterflies was when I was at work and he sent me a text message simply saying ‘I think I have fallen in love with you’. I remember feeling totally elated as I felt exactly the same way but didn’t want to be the first one to say anything. I am sure there are more but this was something I will never forget.
- Bonnie
About five minutes into our first date, Nicola gave me this look. I couldn't describe this look to you in words, but as I looked back at her I knew I was going to love this woman for the rest of my life.
- Steve