Five successful chat-up lines (really!)



In an age of online dating, speed dating and irony, chat-up lines might seem a bit seventies. But in a recent survey by, it was discovered that nearly 60% of women love one liners, and four in ten women are actually dating someone who charmed them with a pick-up line.

But, choose the wrong line and you could end up with the brush off – or even worse, a slap in the face. And while you should never rely on lines to actually drive a conversation with a woman, it’s helpful to have a few in reserve for that crucial moment.

1. Are you Jane Smith?

When you know someone – however tenuously – it’s so much easier to approach them, and initiate conversation. But if that’s not the case, pretending to know someone also works; approaching with a simple ‘Are you…?’ opens the lines of communication. Then it’s up to you to work out whether her response allows further conversation, or is simply a cue for you to give up.

In the former situation you can follow on with something like, ‘How strange, you look just like a girl in my salsa class’, giving you the opportunity to let her know something more about you. In the latter situation simply apologise and leave – otherwise she’s just going to feel harassed, and you’ll end up feeling stupid.

2. I love that band!

Women are pretty savvy, and can spot a generic pick up line a mile off, which is why something a little more personal will have a much bigger effect. Whether you’re commenting on her Kings of Leon tour t-shirt, hair colour or dress, tailoring your comment to her shows you’ve been paying attention to her, and have gone to the trouble of picking her our specifically for something that is unique to her.

3. What book are you reading?

A ‘prop’ is a great thing to comment on – whether the woman you’ve set your sights on is walking her dog or reading a good book, it’s a great ice breaker. It allows you to be personal, without commenting on appearance, and you can tell her something about you at the same time. For example, by asking what she’s reading (a line which can work great on long journeys), you can then ask if she’s read anything by your favourite author. The spontaneity of the comment will also make it look less like a line.

4. I was mistaken for a Peruvian terrorist

Honestly, someone we know has used this as a chat-up line. It stems from a long story involving an unfortunate ‘gift’ of dynamite from a local, and his botched attempt to dispose of it. But, it’s a great story and shows him to be adventurous (and not actually a dangerous criminal). Don’t be afraid to condense your unusual stories into a few lines to grab someone’s interest. But be careful, it’s easy to sound contrived, and make sure your story is true, or you could trip yourself up further down the line.

5. Can I buy you a drink?

An old chestnut that actually works a lot of the time, mainly due to its simplicity. The key is to be polite, let the lady choose her own drink and let her stand with you while you buy it – any half intelligent woman is going to want to keep an eye on her drink the whole time. Also be prepared to get the brush off, as some women can find this approach patronising.

What have you got to lose? Good luck!

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