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Single dad with child

With Father’s Day just around the corner we have partnered with to provide some tips for single dads looking to jump into the world of online dating. It can be a confusing time for everyone involved, so below are a few points to keep in mind when approaching the dating game with kids in tow.


Speak To Your Kids – Make sure your kids know the score

Obviously age depending, make sure your kids are in the know about where you are in your life. The last thing you want is an unexpected meeting with a new partner or for them to hear from someone else that you are dating. Remember, they are the priority in your life so keeping them happy must be your number 1 thought at all times. Reassurance will be key, especially for younger children, letting them know that they or their mother aren’t being replaced is a message you can’t give enough.


Keep The Kids At A Distance – When the time comes, get their opinion.

It cab be a puzzling time for everyone, especially children so it is better for everyone if you keep their contact with your dates as minimal as possible. Obviously when the time comes to meet your new partner getting your kids opinion will be vital and it will reinforce the message that they are important and a part of this process. Be cautious and don’t initially expect too much as they may not love her straight away!


Only Introduce Long Term Relationships

You should avoid introducing your kids to every date you have as this can harm their perception of relationships. They could get close to one of your dates only for them to disappear and this can have an effect on future relationships.


Broaden Your Horizons

It is an oddly common theme for single parents to look for similarities to their ex in a new partner. If you can try to broaden your horizons, look for someone with different life experiences – this is dating but treat it as a chance to just get out and meet new people.

Take the mindset of meeting new friends, not solely a new love interest. 


Forget Your Ex

Your new relationships are just that, new! New people, new situations and new lives. Try to forget any hang-ups or bitterness you are carrying from you past relationships, as no one wants to hear nightmare stories of the past which will just cause awkward situations and could hinder any further dates.


Focus On The Future

At the same time as forgetting your Ex, remember that your date has a past too so don’t be too quick to judge them. This rings true for dating in general but everyone has a past and mistakes will have been made, a fresh start might be just what both of you are after.

Everyone has skeletons. Take your new date at face value and see how it goes. 


Be Upfront – Make sure your date knows what you want and visa versa

It goes without saying that if you are on a date then your partner should already know you are a parent. If they don’t then TELL THEM NOW!
This could be a deal breaker and everyone on a date wants to make a good first impression but if you are worried about losing the relationship by revealing your kids, then you are in the wrong state of mind. If your date wants someone with no ties, that isn’t you and you can’t change their mind, be upfront and it will make the future easier and avoid any emotions getting hurt.


The Kids Are Number 1

She must know that your kids come first. You might have to run out or cancel a date last minute, so you must reassure her that she shouldn’t be jealous of the attention you have to give your children. At the same time, you must be conscious to never trade time with your kids for a date. Kids are not so naïve and can often read situations better than you! They will pick up on this and it can harm your relationship with them.


Be Patient

This works for everyone involved. You must be patient with your kids. The idea might not stick with them for a while, but this is an important step in their development. Take it slow and be patient. The worst thing you can do is rush a new partner.


No Go To The Sleepover

Sleepovers are exclusively for “marriage material” partners when the kids are at home – end of!


Juggling kids and a new relationship will no doubt present a few problems, but there is no reason that the start of your new relationship has to spell the end of existing relationships. There are plenty of benefits to dating with kids and most issues arise from lack of communication. Keeping an open mind and making sure everything is laid out as clearly as possible to the children is a must. To help single parents who are looking to start online dating, we have teamed up with to provide an exclusive eHarmony promotional code for single parents to join for just £9.95 – good luck and enjoy yourself!


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