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Saskia Nelson

Meet the UK’s First Dating Profile Photographer

She’s on a mission to banish blurry bathroom selfies and make poorly picked portraits a thing of the past. eHarmony met Saskia Nelson, the UK’s first dedicated dating profile photographer, and discovered that she’s out to conquer the world one photo at a time…

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5 Pro Photography Tips for Creating a Great Dating Profile Picture

Often your profile picture can be the first thing a potential match sees of you, so a good photo is vital when online dating. We asked Britain’s only dedicated dating photographer Saskia Nelson for her top tips on creating the ultimate profile pic.


Going in Blind – Do You Need To See Pictures Before a Date?

  We all like to think we’re not the shallow type. And we probably all like to think we don’t go around judging books by their covers. But most of us, if we’re really honest, spend a lot of time doing exactly that.

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How to choose your online dating profile picture

  Image source – Flickr If you’ve been online dating for awhile, you may be at a point where you feel frustrated at the lack of responses you’re getting from your matches.

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