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Online Dating in England: Diversity

In a country filled with so many different types of people, it’s surprising how difficult it can be to meet somebody who is right for you. With eHarmony, England singles have more of a chance of finding love than ever before, as our dating website promises to help you find a person based on the factors that are most important. eHarmony matches you with somebody who shares your beliefs and values (and crucially, your hopes for a meaningful relationship).

eHarmony can help you connect with someone who is really worth finding.

Up and down our fair land, from Manchester to Maidstone, from Newcastle to North London; the quirks and characteristics of our varied regions make England what it is. As a result there are often differences in attitudes towards dating and the opposite sex. Here are just a few region-based facts...

Dulcet Toons

Despite having a rather rowdy reputation (in no part thanks to the bed-hopping antics of those on Geordie Shore) the warmth and loyalty of Newcastle folk also contributed to the county coming second in a 2011 poll of ‘best loved UK accents’. Wey-ey man!

North-South Divide

According to a recent survey, the happiest place to live in England is Carlisle in Cumbria. In fact, based on factors like contented relationships, working environments, well-being and pride in the community, seven out of the top ten places were located in the north of England. So... it’s not actually that grim up north after all! Great news for singles from Leeds to Liverpool!

Bridget or Brad?

Statistics show that there are more single men living in England than ever before. This is a phenomenon that may simply be explained due to the rise in boys being born, but it’s nice to know that the Bridget Jones stereotype could soon have a male counterpart.


Money talks

In an age of economic decline, it is unsurprising that more and more people are reluctant to go on dates due to money worries. It has recently been reported that professional singles in London are more likely to go out for just drinks, in comparison to those in places like parts of Yorkshire who often throw in dinner and a movie too. But it’s perhaps not simply a straightforward case of the stingy southerner – have you seen the price of popcorn lately?!


Modern love

If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places - let eHarmony guide you in the right direction. Modern life can often be busy and stressful enough and if the thought of getting your glad rags on and getting yourself out there at the end of an exhausting week fills you with dread... there is another way.

eHarmony connects people up and down the country: from Brighton to Birmingham, or Bradford to Bristol, whether you are matched with somebody who lives down the road, or someone who lives on a road thirty miles away, you can rest assured that your shared interests and values will mean they will be somebody worth meeting.

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