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When John Betjeman described Clevedon Pier as "the most beautiful pier in England", he wasn't joking.  The graceful span is often frequented by Clevedon singles on a date, especially on the best of days.

Indeed, though Weston-super-Mare and Bristol may be far larger, the Clevedon dating scene offers just as much for those who enjoy the lifestyle.  Dating is fun and exciting after all, providing a glimpse at new lives, new experiences, potential new love.  However, even a serial romantic can have trouble finding the right person for them, and everyone's had their fair share of awkward dates!

At eHarmony, we've been making matches for over a decade, and use that experience to make your next date that much better.  With all that time to think about it, eHarmony is a dating website that knows what it's talking about, and can match you with Clevedon singles based on inherent compatibility.

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The beauty of Clevedon Pier is matched only by the sight of the paddle steamer that occasionally docks here - offering cruises to dating couples and seafarers alike.  It happens to be the last sea-faring paddle steamer in the world, so offers a unique experience for couples.  Perhaps you'd care to head out to Somerset, or maybe you'd rather dine out on deck as the sun sets?  If this sounds like your sort of thing, it'll probably appeal to your date - at least, if you've been matched by eHarmony on the basis of compatibility - so look up Waverley Excursions for further details.

No summary of the Clevedon dating scene would be complete without a mention of Salthouse Fields  The place has crazy golf and tennis courts as well as donkey rides on weekends.  While these lovable old beasts may seem like an odd date idea, romance is as much about the good memories as anything else.

And, if you'd rather head out and away into wider Avon, or are lacking in cash and looking for a free dating activity, take the so-called Lover's Walk from Clevedon Pier along the coast up to secluded Ladye Bay for more private views over the water.  It's a real beauty spot, and quite appropriate for the occasion.




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It's a small town, and it could have been built for romance, with plenty of good spots peppering the street map.  Yet with over 20,000 people, the chances are that there are a few Clevedon singles that have slipped through your net.  eHarmony can help you come into contact with them, so you can choose someone who's truly right for you, and have some fantastic dates along the way.

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