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Dating in Dunstable, why go online?

You have a boss and you have a job, else you have no money and a debt collector named 'Razor Jim' who wants to come in and have a chat.  Busy, or Broke - these are the twin demons that make the conventional way of meeting people entirely impractical.  After all, it's hard to get to know people to go dating in Dunstable with if you've lost two thirds of your day to sleep and work.  And it's hard to really take them out and impress them when you've little cash - you want to be sure that they're right for you before you start spending.

The eHarmony dating website solves both problems, with a vast pool of Dunstable singles and a clever matchmaking system that filters through them, to deliver single people with whom you are strongly compatible.  It goes towards better matches, ones who you can last with, if you only go out and find them.

Is it free dating then?

Not quite.  Fill in a little about yourself, all for free, and we'll use the information to check how compatible you are with our various members.  It's completely free to review matches and see who you could be dating, but eHarmony does charge for additional services.

It all goes towards a better Dunstable dating scene online - people who pay are fairly serious about long-term romance, plus, with eHarmony's special matchmaking system, you can be sure that the singles we recommend are worth much more than money.



The Dunstable dating world:

Gracefully straddling the land between Milton Keynes and Luton, Dunstable is a refreshing break from the larger settlements that sometimes blight the area, which makes dating in the area that much easier.  The Chiltern Hills that cross Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire also grace Dunstable with their proximity, and the Dunstable Downs provide the perfect place for kite-flying, or just a humble picnic.  Bring your own ice creams, cakes, or hot chocolate, depending on the weather, and get to know your date on the hilltops.

Meanwhile, if you aren't keen to head out to the cultural offerings of Bedford or the Luton bar scene, escort your date to Dunstable's very own Grove Theatre for a small but worthy selection of drama to thrill and sadden the stoniest heart.

 Finally, remember that outside of the school holidays and weekends, zoos can actually be pretty amazing, and Whipsnade Zoo is close enough by to merit a trip to the Wild Side (unlike the Dark Side, in that Vader doesn't moo).  Animal encounters can be cute, endearing, thrilling, and the antics of Nature's children will provide plenty to talk about over your meal afterwards.

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