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Dating in Luton - two unusual ideas:

Discover Paradise, a short way from Luton Airport

We can't be entirely sure why Luton's nearby Paradise Wildlife Park called itself as it did, but if it's as a homage to the song we're not sure whether to congratulate or shoot the marketing team.  In any case, while the zoo may seem entirely conventional at first glance, it offers a range of exotic animal experiences at admittedly exorbitant prices. 

Dining in the open air overlooking the tiger pen may only be for wealthy professional singles - but cuter and slightly cheaper options are available in such obscure opportunities as 'Tickle a Tapir'.

Perfect for those early days where you're nowhere near intimate enough to get away with tickling your date, loose those fingers on an adorable animal together - the tapirs love it.  It's definitely not free dating of course, but a full exploration of the zoo is part of the package, and the experience is really the unique kind of thing that will never be remembered as just any old date.

Enter a diner's nirvana

Luton remains a stalwart fortress of the evil old capitalist, so play along with the decadence, and take your date out to the restaurants of the Galaxy Centre.  With a varied selection, the two of you can decide on your favourite while you're there, rather than you having to guess the favourite cuisine of your picky companion.  After all, not many good things spring from taking your date out to that special Indian just to find out they can't handle spices.


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eHarmony, and the high-flying world of Luton dating

How does the song go? 

"Look into my eyes darlin', are you from paradise?" "No mate, Luton Airport!"

It's a stirring romance.

That said, while the runways may still not be the best place for two glasses of wine and a five star date, the Luton dating scene has come a long way since Cats U.K.'s satirical song hit the charts in 1979.  It's certainly come further than Cats U.K.


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