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It's a little known fact, but parts of Bracknell are patronised by Berkshire born Kate Winslet - the parts in question being the buildings and works of the South Hill Park Arts Centre, which hosts the kind of shows and festival that every dating couple should go and see.  However, while both on screen and in-life Kate finds new love like a security dog sniffing for crack, it isn't so easy for the rest of us...

The work vs love relationship - a shattered see-saw.

Everyone knows that as you get older, the more responsibility you take on, and at least until you start to dribble, it's entirely true.  And as you take charge of more and more, and pursue that dream of World Presidency/drooling retirement, there's less and less time in the day to devote to romance.

How eHarmony can help...

As a leading Bracknell dating site, eHarmony is here so that you don't have to sacrifice your love-life on that already fairly bloodstained altar of your job.  Using a clever compatibility system developed over years in the dating website free-for-all, we find you matches with people you're likely to work with - and it's up to you to choose which unearthed gems you want to ask out.

With a wealth of Bracknell singles online, you can see a huge number of dating possibilities, rather than getting stuck playing 'spot the wedding ring'.

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Inspired by Berkshire:


So you've discovered someone special, who makes you howl with laughter, or squirm happily inside.  You want to take them out to explore the Bracknell dating scene.  But if you're anything like anyone, it can sometimes be a struggle to know where to start.  eHarmony has a few ideas to start you off:

·         Get baking, and bring some homemade food (cakes are preferable) to a picnic at Dinton Pastures Country Park.  it's a fairly free dating idea, so great for those on a budget.

·         Go Ape! Bracknell is within swinging distance, so take a trip out to the local branch of the tree-top clambering empire.   Asides from the adrenalin of the zipwire, your date and you will bond over taking on a challenge together, and winning.

·         Or take a day at the races - Ascot is extremely close by.  If it's that time of year, get dressed up in all your finery and invite your date out to coo at the funny hats.

Finally, never be scared of venturing off the beaten track and out into neighbouring areas - after all, if you're both Bracknell born-and-bred, the chances are you've seen most of what the place has to offer, and might be considering other places, beyond  Wokingham.

London is, obviously, close enough by train for an evening - but travelling in a carriage full of the slightly drunk and obnoxious was never a good start for a romance.  Instead think of places you could both easily get to - Windsor for instance, or out to the West Wessex Downs in wider Berkshire.  New scenes make for new undiscovered treasures, so get out there and see what you can find.

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