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Online dating in Maidenhead with eHarmony

Enjoy everything the town of Maidenhead has to offer with eHarmony dating.

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What about dating in Maidenhead itself?  If you're not sure, we've two simple ideas:

1.       The power of a picnic date at Taplow Court.

While Maidenhead has many green spots, few are quite as good as the splendour of Victorian era Taplow Court.  A Buddhist retreat, every once in a while it opens its doors to the public.  Take advantage of these special days to explore the grand building, before settling back with your date onto a comfy blanket.  Picnics are a stalwart weapon in the armoury of free dating activities.  Scoff on outlandish sandwiches, artery-clogging party food, and a tub of Ben & Jerry's, or munch on a healthy salad.  Your choice of food will say a lot about you - so choose wisely!

2.       Break a sweat at the Magnet Leisure Centre.

Dating has always been a learning experience, so if you've a date tonight and want a lesson to remember, head for the salsa classes at the Magnet Leisure Centre.  Even if you've got two left feet, Magnet also have plenty of space for a casual game of badminton, or squash.

A final note...

Restaurants are still the best way to get to know your date, unlike most other pursuits, you've both privacy, a chance to talk, and something to distract you.  So if the odder ways to date around Maidenhead simply aren't for you, head out to visit the dining scene.  If Maidenhead isn't enough for this, remember that posh old Windsor and the big cities aren't far away...


eHarmony, truly some of the best online dating Maidenhead has to offer.  Who might you end up with?

Meet singles in Maidenhead - find love in the UK

Natural, effective, romantic: eHarmony, the Maidenhead dating website for serious passionados.

County town of Berkshire, Maidenhead has lost out on biggest place to upstarts such as Slough and Reading.  That said, there's still plenty to do here if you're too poor for Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck (and we suspect some 99% of the world are too poor for the Fat Duck).

All you need is someone to do it with, dating in Maidenhead being very much an activity for two.  eHarmony can help here, as a leading Maidenhead dating site with over a decade in the business, it has the ability to find you highly compatible matches that you'll want to take out over and over again.

That doesn't mean we take choice and control away from you however.  After all, anyone who believes in 'the one, and only', is likely limiting themselves, because the beautiful thing about Maidenhead dating is that there are so many people to choose from, with whom you could build a really successful relationship.  eHarmony simply provides a long list of highly compatible Maidenhead singles and others from across Berkshire.  That way, you're free to review matches and take things from there!

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