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If you're the kind of person who takes pride in your ancient university, and your long history of brilliance, that's fine.  Cambridge has much to be happy about when it comes to those particular ivory towers.

Except, a lot of the time, it isn't very happy.  There's a fair bit of tension between locals, and students.

Lovely people for the most part - and despite the stupid stereotypes just as hardworking as anyone else.  But even if the rest are holed up in their rooms until the candles melt away (they're traditional, okay?), it just takes one drunken screamer to vomit on a doorstep and the working and professional singles get to roll their eyes and write to the newspapers about the world going to pot.

Still, despite a sometimes fraught relationship between town and gown, the presence of a wealthy university makes Cambridge a fantastic place for romance.  There aren't many places you can go punting on the river without looking a bit out of place.  Add to that the history, eating places, museums and art, and if your date is from out of town, they're sure to be wowed.


Cambridge's often overlooked sister, Peterborough has all of the bars and restaurants of Cambridge, without the students to spice/mess it up.  Even if you aren't content with the dining scene, there're a wealth of attractions just a little further afield, whether it's stately homes and gardens, or a falconry centre.  Odd isn't always good, but if you make the effort to be just a little bit different, it can show that you  care.

Dating Elsewhere...

Sadly there's something of a word limit on this page, so there's no room to give the rest of Cambridgeshire, including the little towns of Huntingdon and Wisbech, the space they deserve.  Instead we gave them their own pages!

Whether you're from the countryside or a more urban realm, dating in Cambridgeshire is a treasure chest waiting to be prized open.  Why not discover your matches now, with 

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Fact: It is, supposedly, forbidden to play tennis on the streets of Cambridge - although why you'd play it on the streets in any town is something of a mystery.  There's no reason you can't have a back and forth of a different kind though - flirting is the new Wimbledon!

You're busy, we're all busy.  Except you're online right now, looking at the eHarmony dating website wondering if this is right for you, because everyone has time for the internet.  Even Cambridgeshire singles with big shoes to fill, or at least a hell of a job to do.

So if work's getting you down and the Cambridgeshire dating scene seems walled off by the 9-5, consider online dating as a way forward.

A Cambridgeshire dating site is a simple way of discovering singles looking for a date in the local area, whether Cambridge itself or the wider countryside.  Such singles are hard to find in everyday life - you have to get to know them before you find out their relationship status.

With eHarmony however, all of our matches are picked for a special reason - because they're highly compatible with you.  Through a smart little algorithm, eHarmony measures compatibility through shared values and aspirations, discovered through a questionnaire.  It's a way of ensuring quality dates time and time again, where you can get a peek into an entire slice of the Cambridgeshire dating world.


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