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Dating in Huntingdon as it should be, with

Fame has a habit of obscuring everything else.  A hundred people and a celebrity might suffer mass hallucinations, and the story will be about the celebrity.  It's the same logic that has many Huntingdon singles saying "Cambridge" is where they live.  It saves on long explanations, and almost everyone does it.

That said, don't dismiss the town as a dead-end for love, as there's so much potential here for a date - where you don't need to worry about the country's best and brightest acting drunk and stupidly, or have to dodge a constant influx of tourists blocking entire alleys with their maps.  All the place needs is a little bit of help, which eHarmony is here to provide.  A Huntingdon dating website backed with over ten years of real matchmaking experience, we're perfectly equipped to help you find that evening spice of romance.

Everyone's had a dead-end romance, or a failed date.  Sometimes it's because there's just no chemistry, but often it's because your personalities are just different on some fundamental level.  eHarmony has a way to get round this, and will get to know you with some questions before picking the matches that are most compatible.  The crème de la crème.  And then you choose the ones you like out of them, start talking, and see if that other person is up for a date.  It's a system that's worked for hundreds of UK and Huntingdon singles, and it's one that could work for you.


So whether you've an interest in meeting the professional singles you always dreamed of, someone local to Cambridgeshire, or something just a little bit different, you're sure to be satisfied with eHarmony!

At eHarmony, we're all about quality, so why not register today and check out your free to review matches now?  After all, you'll never know who you'll find.




Find love in Huntingdon: onwards and upwards!

Tired of the bars?  Some dating ideas for Huntingdon:

1.       Lie back and relax at the Huntingdon Spa.

In the days of the metrosexual male, spas are no longer just for the girls, so if you're a guy, or your prospective partner has the 'Y' chromosome, try a spa day for a fantastically relaxing date - you can both be massaged in the same room and chat the whole way through.

2.       Check out the birds at the Raptor Foundation.

You might think it was mostly for kids, but everyone is secretly overjoyed when a large winged animal hops onto their shoulder - the coolest pet ever.  So you and your date are sure to enjoy handling the birds here.

3.       Listen to your elders (no, not grandma).

You aren't going to be surprised to hear that the museum corner of the Huntingdon dating scene is not often glamorised, but it does have its own quiet appeal, giving you plenty of chance to talk, take silly photographs and do something other than that traditional meal.  So catch up on the antics of your ancestors with a trip to the Cromwell Museum, or the old Manor at Hemingford Grey - you have to call ahead before visiting, so you can expect a truly private historical experience.


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