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Dating in Chester the eHarmony Way

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Dating in Chester - five easy themes:

1.       The animal date

Animals are cute, whether it's the pet you brought along to your date, or the meerkats at Chester Zoo.  So why not take your date out to see some?  Aside from the aforementioned wildlife off the telly, Chester Racecourse gives you a chance to get fairly close to speeding horses, with the added excitement of the atmosphere and fear for your gambled savings.

2.       The history date

Despite what you learned back in the days of your education, history can be ultra romantic!  A walk along the city walls is a classic for anyone serious about free dating - and we mean,' I have no money' serious.  You can even watch the horses of the racecourse from here, not to mention views of the river and much of the oldest buildings in town.

3.       The spa date

If you've known each other for a while, and are comfortable holding conversation in a room full of attentive strangers, try a spa date at Rowton Hall for the ultimate relaxation.  There's not much to say, except that the blissful treatment is for both guys and girls, and equally pleasurable for both.

4.       The culture date

Theatre is always a hit - it has something that cinema lacks - nicer bars for instance.  So why not try one of Chester's theatres?  Grosvenor Park often runs open air events, so relax to some Shakespeare as you bathe happily in the sun.

5.       The nature date

Differs from the animal date in that trees neither move nor do much in the woods.  Forest scenery is always romantic, bringing to mind Marian and Robin Hood, or simply those childhood days when you climbed trees and saw the opposite sex as enemies to all things cool.  So take your date to Go Ape! at Delamere, for the ultimate bonding experience.  Alternatively, head out for a walk along the Cheshire sandstone trail for great views and relaxing jaunt across the bones of Mother Earth.


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