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Dating in Crewe: A few quick ideas...

·         Cholmondeley Castle and Gardens...

To continue the medieval theme, why not leave your restaurant date until later in the evening and precede your glorious dinner and drinks with a trip to Cholmondeley Castle, which while technically a 19th century construction still looks every inch a castle.  The gardens themselves are stately and expansive, great for that romantic walk, with an aviary and other animals to provide meat for your conversation.

·         A date at the Lyceum...

A Grade II listed building, the Lyceum boasts great shows as well as a fine interior.  Get back into the age of chivalry with a bit of Shakespeare, or go for something far more modern and adventurous in the form of one of the many dance routines, concerts, and scripts full of gritty England.

·         Get close and personal with the raptors of the Cheshire Falconry Centre

Ever wanted a pet eagle?  This is as close as you'll come.  If your companion is an animal lover, try this more unusual date, and handle the big birds under the watchful eye of the centre staff.  The experience will get you chatting over a drink afterwards, and provides something a lot more memorable than the more ordinary fare - and dating is as much about the experience as the prize!


Crewe isn't exactly short on options to date - it's too close to the big cities for that.  And there's no better way to meet Crewe singles to date with than eHarmony, especially if you've something longer term in the corner of your mind.  At eHarmony, it's all about compatibility, perfect matches who could go the distance, if they chose to.

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eHarmony - a new age of romance for Crewe.

You've heard of true love, but unlike in the stories, it doesn't come overnight.  You have to go out there looking, take what grains you find, and nurture them into something bigger.

At eHarmony, we love the long term goals, and help you find fascinating people to date that might help you reach them.  Dating is fun, and if you choose, you can build a relationship with one of the highly compatible matches we'll show you.  It's all up to you, so why not try some of the amazing online dating Crewe has to offer, with

The modern age of chivalry?  Reviving the old fantasies on the Crewe dating scene.

So the Medieval Age is gone, along with knights, high towers and dragons - 'The Hobbit' was a history right?   We've reached the modern era, and now the nation goes back and forth on the motorways, to offices where they bravely slay paperwork, or build high towers not so much meant for fair maidens as corpulent billionaires.

That said, romance is one place where you can revive the old magic, so try eHarmony, a leading Crewe dating site, with its free to review matches and belief in couples that just work.  You might find something magical faster than you might think.


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