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Wilmslow dating - the ups and downs...

The good news is that like the neighbouring village of Alderley Edge, Wilmslow punches well above its weight in terms of good restaurants.  The bad news is that you and your date both probably know them all.

Instead, think about a picnic somewhere on the Edge itself, bringing thermos flasks filled with hot chocolate, tea and coffee, depending on the mood.  The view provides great ambience for the first date, and as you can see across the Cheshire Plain as far as the Peak District, it's a fantastic opportunity to trace out the events of your lives and really get to know each other through exploring the topography that helped define you.

On the other hand, you might want a sportier alternative.  Cycling is a free dating idea that can reap large rewards - quite asides from the exercise, you get to show off your favourite routes and reveal beauty to your date that they never knew existed -something that's always appreciated.  If you do have money, try a date at the Wilmslow Leisure Centre - while it's unromantically named, the chance to play a few competitive sports such as squash and badminton will crack that ice in two - and even if the romantic partnership doesn't work out, you might live on as friends and rivals on the court.


We wish you all the best in finding your kind of date - it can be tough.  As a leading Wilmslow dating site, eHarmony is here to help, and makes romance in the town just that little bit easier.  Tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll see who we can find; it's free to review matches so you can grade us if you like, before you decide whether or not to join.  You'll be dating in Wilmslow in no time, so why not give it a go?

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As natural as breathing; dating in Wilmslow with

Wilmslow is, like most rich constituencies, extremely Conservative.  And while it's often said (especially further east) that the Tories know the price of everything and value of nothing, that's not exactly true.  Every political party knows the value of love - whether between families, partners, or friends.

You can't put a price on love, or at least, that's the eHarmony understanding.  You can't just wait for it to find you either.  As anyone who believes in love knows, it doesn't come knocking on the door.  You have to go out looking.

And what better way than with eHarmony, the site that believes in longer term relationships, but knows that it can be a bit of a run-up to reach that stage.  With filters developed over the course of more than a decade, eHarmony can make superb matches based on deep-down compatibility, bringing you a long list of only the best Wilmslow singles for you to potentially date.


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