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On the set of the Middlesbrough dating scene:

Maybe you're new to Middlesbrough, and want to start a romance.  Meeting people is tricky enough after a relocation - you have to be lucky enough to have sociable neighbours, whereas work relationships rarely go beyond the first office party.  So like many others you're considering joining eHarmony and discover the great online dating Middlesbrough has on offer.  There's one catch though - you haven't the slightest clue where to go!  The area can seem unrelentingly industrial at times, and less than conducive to that fantastic romance.  Well, eHarmony is on hand to give you some quick dating tips:

1.       Drama is by no means bad for love!

Every town has a theatre, and it's still one of the best ways to begin a romance.  There's a touch of class to drama that you just don't get at the cinema.  Like Hartlepool, Middlesbrough's old town hall is now the centre for the town's drama, but don't forget the Georgian Theatre in nearby Stockton-on-Tees if what's on doesn't really whet your appetite.

2.       Get the heart pumping with some dangerous dating!

The famous transporter bridge has a poorly kept secret - you can do bungee jumps off it.  Something for the daring, impress your date with your bravery, or bond over beating that suddenly-discovered fear of heights.  Scream on the way down, laugh on the way up, and go for drinks at the end of the day.

3.       Picnic in Stewart Park

Urban settings can be fairly depressing, so why not bake some cupcakes and head out for an impromptu meal on a blanket in the green spaces of Stewart Park.  Relax and soak up the ambience as you talk to your date about anything from the passers-by, to the exhibits of the nearby museum.  A great way to break into the Middlesbrough dating scene, so why not try it with that fabulous companion you just met on eHarmony?

Wherever you are, get into eHarmony, bringing singles together from all over the UK.  It's free to review matches, so why not take a quick peek at who you're most compatible with?  You might be surprised!

Meet singles in Middlesbrough

Dating in Middlesbrough - the secret romantic world of Cleveland's industrial heartland.

It's tough in the modern world.  Sure food is cheap and widely available, Bubonic plague is fended off with vaccines and we can go to the loo indoors, but there are also traffic jams, skirts that ride up at the wrong moment, and jeans that unfailingly tear around the crotch.  First World problems can seem the worst, and the nastiest of the lot is the lack of time.

We've a new century ahead of us, but when employed and otherwise professional singles are stuck in an office for the precious 8 hours of winter daylight, finding love seems a whole lot harder!

The dating website is the long awaited solution to this problem - and as a leading Middlesbrough dating site with over a decade of making matches to boast of, eHarmony is a fantastic way to find that special relationship.  Dating in Middlesbrough is made easy, with our special filters picking out the Middlesbrough singles you're most compatible with.  Why not give it a go today?

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