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East Cornwall dating ideas:

Famed as the home of Tintagel, supposedly the castle of the mythical King Arthur, the eastern half of the county is largely rural - so make use of it!  If you're dating in the area, consider showing off some of your best walking routes, or take a picnic and dine out on a viewpoint overlooking the hills.  You can even head east on towards Devon's Dartmoor, or out to the cliffs of the coast.  Surrounded by sea on all sides, Cornwall is a true treasure for beach lovers - so make the most of those rare sunny days out of season, when the beaches aren't crowded by the Tourist King and his sweaty minions.

The West Cornwall dating scene:

Here's where the fun really begins.   Perhaps you're lucky enough to live in or near Newquay, home to the famous Fistral Beach, and a buzzing nightlife not to be found  in a many other places across the county.  Or, you're almost west enough to touch the Isles of Scilly, living in the tourist towns of Penzance or Falmouth.  The main challenge to dating here is the isolation, but once you've found a partner, the restaurants and scenery here  make romance just that little bit easier.

And of course, when searching for said partner, you couldn't do much better than joining eHarmony and dating in Cornwall with us.  Everyday life throws a real catch at us maybe once a month, but you're likely to find such a single much more quickly online.

Why not fill in the eHarmony questionnaire then?  It's a great way of seeing likely dates, and deciding what you want to do next.  Aren't you curious to see who you might meet?



Meet singles in Cornwall - find love online

Land's End, a date's beginning - online dating in Cornwall.

Hidden out of the way from the rest of England by high hills and moors, rural Cornwall is well known as a tourist hotspot.  This is what makes the Cornwall dating scene a little unreliable - while a swarm of cute, wealthy or professional singles may visit in summer, they'll be gone again before you can say 'third date'.  And once they're gone, the businesses shut up with their passing, pillaged for another year, and a little bit of the life goes out of this small but charming county, stuck out on the remote end of a commercial and busy island.

Well, look no further than eHarmony, the experienced dating website for Cornwall singles who are sick of the same old average date, and want something more - whether the thrill of real romance or the potential for a steady relationship.  Unlike a free dating site, eHarmony doesn't just list every single member in the vicinity, it picks and chooses them, based on the answers you give to our questionnaire.

That way, you're free to review matches and know that any one of them could be a better quality date than the average Cornwall dating site has to offer, because they've been picked out especially for you.  So whether you're looking for matches in Truro or Redruth, try eHarmony today, and see who you could meet.


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