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Dating in Truro: a town that inspires

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Escaping Eden:  Southern romance with Truro singles - dating in GB's favourite Cornish city.

The 'London of Cornwall' back in the olden days, Truro didn't have to try hard to shake off its reputation as a populated metropolis, as despite being mainland Great Britain's southernmost city, it isn't the busiest place in the world.  In fact, nearby Penzance steals all the fame for its pirates, while the otherworldly domes of the nearby Eden Project grab the rest of the Earth's attention.

Speaking of Eden, the original Garden can't have been the best place in the world.  There were snakes for one, but the main problem is that God didn't quite get the concept of 'there's plenty of fish in the sea', except perhaps in the literal sense.

After all, what if Adam didn't like Eve?  Perhaps she liked apples when he preferred oranges, or considered serpents superior to dinosaurs.  Eve might well have objected to Adam - the bloody gap where his rib used to be being not quite as attractive as your average rippling pecs.

God simplified things, and real life isn't that simple.  You don't just meet a man and fall in love.  You go through dozens of potential matches like so many tissues in a box.  And the trouble with the average Truro dating site is that they don't give you any hints of how you'll get on with that stranger smiling on your screen.  They happen to be near you, and single, and the expectation is that that's enough.  That's it, dating in Truro will now be perfect.

At eHarmony, we understand that what you need isn't an overwhelming number of randomly chosen singles, but just the one, the right one.  And to that end, we help you find people who are truly worth getting to know, filtering the Truro dating pool until only the most compatible are left.  It's free to review matches, so why not see what we mean?

And should you decide to take the plunge, and subscribe to eHarmony, you can be sure that our single members online are committed to finding romance, and are as serious about dating as you are.  It all goes towards better dates, with interesting people, so why not give it a go right now?



Meet singles in Truro - find love online.

Dating in Truro - the ins and the outs:

A little city it may be, but Truro's great location means that it has plenty to offer.  Take a trip out to the fantastic bar scene of small town Newquay, where great live music waits in the night, and a zoo in the daytime.  Alternatively, hop on a train with your date and head as far West as West goes, through scenic coastal settlements like Penzance or  Falmouth.  Fish and chips by the seaside works wonders, and a beach date is great throughout the year.

If you want something really special however, we suggest visiting the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  The name itself is intriguing, but the paths are more so - and you can lose yourself for hours in the vast, perfumed and verdant gardens here, on sunny days the perfect setting for that romantic conversation, where lips may discover much more important things than talking, as you continue in the tradition of that first sinful couple...

Heart aflutter?  Would it like to be?  Create a profile on eHarmony, and discover the fantastic online dating Truro has to offer!


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