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Consett Dating Magic: Romance in the Real North

There isn't much of a mining industry left in Consett, and there hasn't been since the 80s.  However, this plucky little town still survives, clinging to the edge of the windswept moors that give County Durham such a reputation for natural beauty.  Relics of a rich industrial heritage still claw the sky across the region, in the most surprising of places.  The nearby Hownes Gill Viaduct is one such example, perfect for walks with your romantic partner.

In fact, while Consett is by no means in good times economically speaking, it's one of the few places left in England where the shopkeepers will greet you by your first name, and actually show interest in your life.  It's this friendliness that gives it such fantastic potential for a date.  So whether you're one of those busy professional singles commuting to Durham, rocking a job in a local business, or taking a break from work, why not add some romance to your life through eHarmony, a leading Consett dating site?

eHarmony's been around for over ten years now, and has a lot of matchmaking expertise to bring to the Consett dating scene.  Here, it's all about compatibility, because like you we understand that a match made between Consett singles survives on more than looks and a witty profile, it survives on basic shared traits, personalities and interests.  eHarmony takes matchmaking seriously, which is what makes it some of the best online dating Consett has to offer.

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Meet singles in Consett - and take them on a date!

Found your date on eHarmony?  Well, we've put together a few ideas on dating in Consett and the surrounding area.  Why not go out and try?

You can walk up Consett's High Street, and see all there is to see in the course of an hour - asides from the usual chain stores and a few fabulous little charity shops, there's a limit to what you can do here.  And while there are a number of pubs and other watering holes for when the romance progresses (though for heaven's sake never date in a pub on a Friday or Saturday night!), you may be a little stuck for the early meetings, where first impressions are all important.

First dates are tricky - unless you've been chatting a fair bit on eHarmony, you're unlikely to have established the emotional connections that could draw you both out on the fairly long trip to nearby Durham.  Instead, consider something simple, such as a picnic at Allensford Country Park near Castleside.  The walks in the area are pretty and serene, the stepping stones across the river strengthening that nice natural feel.  Even a cycling date might work - the town lies right on the Coast to Coast cycling route, which is effectively all downhill if you're willing to head out East - you can reach the East Coast in half a day by this route, and get some decent conversation in as you do so.

Dating in Consett really needn't be a chore, and once you've started there really is no looking back.  Why not try some romance of your own, with eHarmony?  Create a profile, and discover fantastic matches today!


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