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Getting Cosy in the Castle?  Dating in Durham - Practically Medieval, but in a very good way...

Whether it's King Arthur, Monty Python or the cheekier Shrek, medieval romance has its appeal.  Fine, you never had to worry about your forties, because you wouldn't reach them, but the idea that two people can be meant for each other, "star-crossed", can be pretty compelling, and everyone likes the one who opens the door for you, man or woman.

And if there's a place to find that medievalesque romance, it's the Durham dating scene, where the castle looms large, and the narrow streets buckle under the weight of history.  If there's a place to find the date however, it's online, with a dating website like eHarmony.

Not convinced?  Well, provided you aren't a student, you probably work fixed hours for a living, like many professional singles and other non-academics, and if you share a place, it's with three or four people at the most.  There's not much potential to meet new people, less still to get them hanging on your every word.

Online however, it's a different story.  The internet seems to have been built to fit into those precious slivers of free time.  And eHarmony was built to help people meet fantastic and highly compatible matches.  It's had over a decade to practise, and the highly selective way in which it suggests only the most appropriate and compatible singles as potential dates can benefit Durham singles too.

So why don't you give it a go?  With a few minutes answering our questions, you'll be free to review matches specially selected with you in mind.  Then it's up to you whether you subscribe or not - but remember that subscribers are often more serious about finding romance than members of the average free dating site.

Why not try it now?  Spice up dating in Durham with real quality singles to go out with, well worth that free time!

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Find love online.

King takes Queen:

If you're a Durham local, you know the city fairly well.  You know the appeal of a night time walk along the riverside, when the summer evenings are warm and the castle is floodlit up above.  You know the great restaurants, the best place to get tea (The Pancake House), tasty caramel shortbread (Leonard's), or an amazing Asian at Fat Buddha.

In terms of free dating ideas, a picnic in a park is still the stellar way to go - you get to show off your home-baking skills, and have plenty of time, privacy and intimacy to really get to know your date.  The so-called Racecourse is a great place for this, or you can hire a boat in the summer months and venture out on the river with a hamper.

Whatever you do, the dating website is by far the best way to discover new people, and really get a good idea of them before that fantastic date.  So don't be driven to haunting Klute, register with eHarmony, and kick-off another round of love-life with style!


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