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Close enough to Sunderland to never lack for shops, Seaham often slips under the radar, as the people flock to its larger neighbours.  It's often the same story with dating - sometimes it seems as if the only Seaham singles around are the slightly swaying folk at the local pub, who take up too much room at the bar and all the room in the bed.

It's too easy to miss the other singletons, the ones who don't unerringly sniff you out like that crazed squirrel from the Ice Age films.  The ones who stick with their mates, or who're more into meals and culture now than getting lashed to the point of the stomach pump every night.

Thing is, as people leave their teen years, a bit of a romantic spark is exactly what most need.  Proper dates!  Ones with polite waiters, funny conversation, a lean forward, a lean back, a touch leading to a kiss.  Maybe there are candles, and there's certainly a desire for that special date, the one that makes you finally sure that what you want is a relationship, a relationship that lasts.

The eHarmony dating website can help here - you can be confident that eHarmony members are quite serious about rediscovering that romantic chemistry, because though it is free to review matches, much of the site asks for a subscription, and those who aren't serious head straight to the free dating sites.

If you're in work, it'll save you time too - professional singles will really appreciate the sheer convenience of being able to scout out potential dates online, so they only need sacrifice their time when they're sure that that stranger is truly worth a date.

Those are two advantages, but what else do you get?  Well, eHarmony is well known for its matching techniques, having developed the practice over ten years.  Long story short, this dating site matches based on how compatible one person is with another, having got to know them both through an extensive questionnaire.  It all goes towards supplying you with information about only the singles you could really hit it off with, making for great dates and a solid foundation to any budding relationship

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Dating in Seaham - a few starter ideas.

As for Seaham, even if you aren't up for heading to Sunderland for a meal, the little town has plenty going for it.   Try a relaxing date at the Serenity Spa - something to leave you both feeling absolutely amazing by the end of it, in a perfect mood for that great restaurant meal afterwards.  Nothing makes a date go better than the complete removal of all stress, so even if you're a big tough burly man with a phobia of rubbing hands, consider this as a way to really impress your partner.

But if you'd rather somewhere where there's more chance to talk without a cheeky masseur popping in her view, think about a visit to the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.  While the history will give you something to talk about, the gardens themselves are a good place to relax with a picnic.  Explore the city while you're at it!

Finally, never forget Durham.  Small as it is, it's capital for a reason, and the castle on the crag is sure to wow, as is a meal overlooking the river winding through trees below.

Stuck in a routine?  Bust out of the rut, with eHarmony, and delve into some of the better online dating Seaham has to offer.


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