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Sugar sweet market town...

Many a poor kid doing their D of E atop the wilds of Dartmoor, has eked out a few extra hours of life from their legs, thanks to the power of the Kendal Mint Cake.  Thousands of children badger thousands of parents for a bite of the sweet stuff, and those parents look up and curse this tiny Cumbrian town.  Meanwhile, market stalls and souvenir stores across the area hawk it constantly, catering to huge popularity.

There's one disadvantage to the stuff however - unlike anywhere else in the country, it's not going to cut any ice as a romantic gift.

"Oh.  How thoughtful...What an effort you must have made."

Yes, everyone does like sweeties, but even in Cadbury's, where the workers are permitted to eat as much chocolate as they like for free, being surrounded by the stuff kind of kills the appeal.

So thanks to Kendal Mint Cake, dating in Kendal got a wee bit harder.  Yet that doesn't really matter, because with the eHarmony dating website and the stunning Cumbrian countryside, romance between you and other Kendal singles has real potential to grow.

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You can't get much further from Cumbria than California, but eHarmony was born there over a decade ago, and has all that time to perfect a match making system that places compatibility over everything else.  With a fairly comprehensive questionnaire, we get to know every one of our members, and can make very educated guesses as to who they'll get on with.  eHarmony can do the same for you, and it's free to review matches we come up with, so why not see for yourself?

It's a more scientific way of finding Kendal singles you just can't wait to talk to again; rather than simply listing all of the single people in your area, young or old, professional singles or the long term unemployed, eHarmony only shows the most compatible.  It's a better way to go dating in Kendal so why not give it a go?


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Like most of Cumbria, the best bits of the Kendal dating scene lies in the hills and sweeping vistas of the Pennines and the famous Lake District.  However, who wants to be swamped by tourists?  Instead, if you're bored of the restaurants, cafés and bars in town, hate the theatre and aren't bothered about film, head out with your date to pastures new that aren't always swamped by tourists.

Kirkby Lonsdale is nearby, a pretty little town with a small number of stylish bars for that out-of-the-way, private feel.  Otherwise, enjoy a picnic in the Yorkshire Dales on a sunny day, or better yet, do something interesting in the Lake District, like the fun and slightly dangerous sport of canyoning.

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