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Old Meg - don't wait up.

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Every one of the Penrith singles who grew up in the small Cumbrian town is bound to have heard about the myth of Old Meg and her daughters - a coven of witches turned to stone for dancing during the Sabbath (naked, as you do).  Legend has is that if anyone manages to count the rocks, and come up with the same number twice, then the spell will be broken.  How many are there?  Well, the 'Visit Cumbria' website is rather helpful in this regard:



There, that should do it.  But, while you're waiting at the ready for dozens of spiritual singles to bust out of their rocky prisons naked as the day they were born, you might as well tell us a bit about yourself on eHarmony.

With over a decade of experience with online dating, eHarmony is a leading and respected dating website, for a very good reason.  eHarmony makes matches based on how compatible one single is with another, judging by what it's found out about said singles through a questionnaire.

It's a more scientific way of approaching things, and makes for a much more passionate romance with dates you really care about.  Plus, as a subscriber site, eHarmony's members tend to be more serious about dating, about finding a relationship one date at a time.  It all goes towards better quality Penrith dating.

Still not convinced?  We may not be a free dating site, but it's free to review matches, so you can see a bit about how we find the right single for you without spending a penny.  Why not give it a go?


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Dating in Penrith - You don't have to go to the Lake District, but it helps!

Cumbria is full of stunning natural beauty, so whether it's the Pennines or the nearby National Park, you're not going to be stuck for places to walk, cycles, or enjoy a picnic.  However, you might well be stuck for good weather, so why risk rain ruining your first early date?

Play it safe with a date at the theatre.  Drama is a great way to kick off any dating epic, and Penrith offers something with a difference.  So take your date out to the Upfront Gallery, for hot puppet-on-puppet action (they'll be hitting each other with rolling pins of something).  Seriously though, the performances are often quality puppet theatre, and will definitely get your tongues wagging over the sheer unusualness of it all.

Afterwards, eyeball the artworks on display, and dine out in the Gallery's restaurant and try out the vegetarian food served there, great for the especially ethical!  As dates go, this one is just different enough to be well remembered, plus it's a fantastic opportunity to show off both your cultural knowhow and your sense of humour, two extremely attractive qualities in any date.

Even if you do settle for a traditional café/restaurant date in Penrith itself, don't forget to ask your companion.  Everyone has favourites, and your date is sure to appreciate showing you theirs.

Keen on romance?  Then try the eHarmony dating website for compatible matches, and enhance the Penrith dating scene today.


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