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In 2009, Ulverston was hit by an earthquake.  If you were lucky, you noticed.  If not, you've gone the last few years enduring the boasting of those who did.  They stand taller, the Bear Grylls to your Ray Mears.

"You don't know man!  You weren't there!"

Looking at the facts, it's shocking, truly shocking.  The horror of a 3.7 on the Richter Scale, with a slew of casualties amounting to 0.  It's a very British disaster really, and quite loveable for it.  It's like when our not-very-deadly droughts result in a hosepipe ban, or a small tornado whips off a roof tile.  The press goes wild and the rest of the world wonders why.

Now, unlike an earthquake, we at eHarmony aren't promising to put cracks in your crockery, rumble your slippers or mildly irritate the water, because the dating website is a fairly spectral thing, that changes lives, and rocks worlds - but never in a fashion that'll make the Mirror on a slow news day.


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Dating in Ulverston.

eHarmony, a leading Ulverston dating site.

If you're on here, hopefully Google has done its job and delivered a dating site because you were actually looking for one.  If that's the case, then you're either one of the many working and/or professional singles without much time to meet people, or you're interested in seeking out a strong and long-lasting relationship, and having some quality dates while you search.

eHarmony can certainly help in both cases, because firstly internet chat doesn't have to be live, and at a certain time, so you can hold a deeply engaging conversation over weeks if you really want, and only ever in the evenings once you've got dinner in the oven.

Secondly, eHarmony is more of a relationship than a dating site, because it does a lot of the groundwork as soon as you fill in your questionnaire, working out who you're most compatible with, not only in the short term but on a long term basis as well.  That's why, if you're looking for a romance that goes on and on, and someone so amazing you'd be happy to settle down with them one day, eHarmony should be the first choice for you.

Don't believe us?  You're free to review matches made for you, so get onto our questionnaire and see what comes up!  It's as easy as that, so if you want to experience some of the best online dating Ulverston has to offer, you know where to look.



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