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Romance can sometimes seem tough, but it's easier here than on the Isle of Man.  Great Britain's rather big, and Whitehaven singles have plenty of folk to choose from, if they can get past the mountains, lakes and rural landscape of the rest of Cumbria.

Looking at it like that, Whitehaven's more of an island than you'd think.  Still, that means more people looking inwards than thinking about finding a date in Ireland - so it's just a matter of finding the right matches for you among the thronging hordes of rose-bearing gentlemen and sweet smiling ladies.

Wait, what hordes?  When did anyone ever last bear a rose, or smile sweetly?  They're all on the buses, in suits and work clothes, with headphones in their ears and deadlines to meet.  The Whitehaven dating world is second fiddle to getting those emails off and filing those tax returns. 

Working and professional singles know how it goes; you want to start dating but you struggle to meet new people - and Whitehaven only has so many bars, few of them exactly flush with the right people for a romantic adventure.  Oh, Whiskers, hello again.  Sweat-patch, what a delight!

eHarmony, the intelligent dating website.

When you register on some sites, you get a long list of all the singles in your area, the endless hundreds and thousands in the county.  That's fine for some, but it doesn't always make for good dates.  Many people end up going out with someone based on a profile picture, which isn't a likely way to find a relationship.

eHarmony is different in that it applies thought to your matches,  helping you find someone extremely compatible.  You don't need hundreds of potential dates after all, you just need a few really good ones.

In over ten years of operating, eHarmony is well prepared to find out all it needs to know about you, and find a list of people likely to suit.  It's free to review matches, so why not see what we mean and take that first important step towards great dating in Whitehaven.



Meet singles in Whitehaven.

Dating in Whitehaven town:

In Whitehaven, there's plenty to do if you're sick of the ubiquitous dinner date - whether it's drama at the Rose Hill Theatre, a day full of history at Muncaster Castle or a steam train into the Lake District from Ravenglass.  If Whitehaven's too familiar, never forget nearby Workington or Keswick - there's so much more to these places than you might know!

Regardless where you go, remember that while at times, Whitehaven may seem an island, it sure as anything isn't down to the last man and woman just yet.  Come and meet the best of them, with

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