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Dating in Workington: a town that inspires

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They do things differently in Workington.  When the Tesco supermarket chain tried to march into town with a new superstore, the 'Save Our Cloffocks' group sent out the Countess of Lonsdale to block the build by invoking her right to mine.

It would have been quite funny to see the Tesco executive, dressed to the nines and stroking a long-haired cat in his arms, facing off against this unwavering aristocrat.  Possibly she was armed with a pickaxe, the peeved suit with a large number of particularly aggressive legal documents.  The battle must have been long, with many agonised groans of irritation and grannies on a warpath, but eventually Cloffocks was saved.

It shows the community spirit.  More to the point, it shows how people revert to the past sometimes if it helps to get things done.

Once upon a time, at least if you believe the media, it was easy to meet people.  Somehow they found spare hours between dying of the plague, and working the land, to discover love with a funny Cumbrian lass, or a strong honest Whitehaven man.

Why not be inspired by these Workington singles of the past, and go out to find love yourself with a dating site like eHarmony?  We can't guarantee it's out there, but you never know until you look.

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With a significant population, there are plenty of Workington singles looking for romance, but the trick is to narrow down the field, until you're left with only the ones you could have some amazing dates with.

eHarmony helps here, with a compatibility matching system that looks at who you are, and who could gel well with you.  It's not quite a search for a soulmate, but it is a sincere effort to improve the quality of the Workington dating scene, and it makes for great dates, time and time again.

Plus, it's free to review matches, so try eHarmony and discover the amazing online dating Workington has on offer.



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Dating in Workington - a few quick ideas...

If you've lived here for long, you know the best restaurants, those places with the special va-va-voom.  Even if you haven't your date likely does - Workington's a small town, and fabulous places become famous fairly quickly.

However, while a meal is a great way to get to know each other, what if you aren't a strong conversationalist?  Play it safe, and do something really worth talking about before the meal, so you can be sure that the chatter will never stop up:

For example, try a bit of drama.  Theatre may showcase humanity's pain, sorrow, flaws and foibles, but if the horror that is the human psyche wasn't popular, we wouldn't have Eastenders.  So find yourself some acted entertainment which isn't on a screen, and discover a feeling of cultured class at the Carnegie Arts Centre - the shows on here will always give you something to talk about.

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