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Barely related to the Epsom Derby, which many would associate with the county town, Derbyshire can still be a bit...hectic.  It sometimes seems like a race.  Whether that's a race to work, or a race to a country with less work for a few short weeks of sun, sand, and relaxation, the spirit of Capitalism thrives, so you'd better look busy.

But, unlike further south, if you fall to the street, there'll always be a hand to help you up.  This is partly because the cold can actually kill here, but mostly because many locals will still make time for the important things, no matter how late they are to the office.

Dating is obviously enough, pretty important.  Sure, it's not for everyone, many Derbyshire singles get on quite happily without it, but you wonder sometimes if they've forgotten just how fun it can be.

From the dizzying array of tasty meals, to the ambience of the evening walk; heady infusions of wine to the secrets that you definitely shouldn't have spilled; even finally to the charm or the jokes of the person in front of you.

And of course, one amazing date is worth so much more than four average ones, so if any Derbyshire dating site told you that with them you could have fantastic dates over and over again, you'd be cynical, but it's hard to say 'no'!

At eHarmony, we can't promise those kind of dates - in the end that's up to the two of you.  However, we can certainly help you along your way, and make them much more likely.  Why not give eHarmony a go today?



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About eHarmony:

eHarmony makes matches based on shared aspirations and goals, and only recommends the singles who are most compatible with you.

What's more, we're perfectly suited for professional singles and anyone else, with a commute and without time for meeting fresh faces in day-to-day life.  After all, no matter whether you live in the isolation of the Peak District and your nearest urban centre is Buxton, or you're stuck in the relative quiet of a commuter town like  AlfretonHeanor or Ilkeston, you're sure to have the internet, so why not use it to connect?

Even if you live in big places like Chesterfield, the online dating Derbyshire has to offer is a great way to discover new places - with eHarmony you know our members are single and are serious about dating, so you'll both have romantic places in mind, and could discover a stunning new venue thanks to your companion - and share your own secrets too!

You're free to review matches so why not see if there's anyone out there for you?  The Derbyshire dating scene is bigger than you think, so come and explore!


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