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It may only be a tiny town in Derbyshire, but it could be worse, it could be the Outer Hebrides.  As it stands however, Heanor is close to both Derby and Nottingham if you're looking for urban glamour, and the Peak District if dating in the countryside ever appeals.

But the chances are that if you're here now reading this, you're one of many Heanor singles and know exactly where your town is situated thank you very much.   It's an easy town to know.  And it can be quite easy, if you've been dating in Heanor a long time, to get bored with the place and its many cultural offerings, but what about someone who's just got here?

Think of the newbie - they may have just arrived in town, and don’t know where to begin.  The bars, such as they be, are all a'bustle, but no fun to go to on your own.  And, if they're one of many professional singles commuting all the time to larger places, the chances are that the friends they make at work live in one of the bigger cities, making socialising locally a little tricky.

A dating website like eHarmony helps add quality to your love-life, whether you're an experienced hand on the Heanor dating scene or completely new to the wonders of the town, and the slightly more wondrous wonders of the surrounding area.

As a subscription based dating site rather than the free dating variety, eHarmony's members are usually more committed to pursuing romance, even finding a long-term relationship.  Just take it one date at a time, and see where you end up!  And, with a more personalised service that matches singles based on innate compatibility, you can date some really intriguing people.



Find love in Heanor

Dating in Heanor - explore the arts

While dinner or romantic walk shall always be the happy staple of any date, if you're one of the many Heanor singles looking for something else to do, the town is well endowed with arty venues.  Try a touch of drama at Nottingham's Theatre Royal, where major acts can often be found.  Comedians are often a brilliant option in the early days - to get you both laughing and in a relaxed state of mind before dinner.  You might even pick up a few fab jokes for later.

Otherwise, the more quietly minded might prefer a quick journey through the Derby Museum and Art Gallery - while history is unlikely to be particularly titillating, it can be surprising just how many people are fond of paintings and artwork. 

It's free to review matches, so why not take eHarmony's special questionnaire today?  Don't you want to know who's out there?


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