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The New 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'?  D.H.Lawrence and Ilkeston dating.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them.  Ilkeston is the latter.  It did not ask to be situated some five and a bit miles south from the birthplace of D.H.Lawrence.  It did not ask for that famous author to base most of his novels slightly north of said birthplace.  Neither did it ask to become intimately connected with that great man.

And, indeed, it wasn't.

Nonetheless, and as Mr. Lawrence's work of art gripped prudish Britons all across the Empire, it's not too much to link the famous novelist to dear old industrial Ilkeston, which wasn't too far from Lawrence's nest.  After all, small though it may be, there's plenty of potential for dating in Ilkeston, thanks to the wealth of natural beauty Derbyshire possesses.  Perhaps it inspired the man, perhaps not.

Either way, if you're one of many Ilkeston singles seriously considering romance, and perhaps even looking for a relationship then why not try the eHarmony dating website?  With eHarmony, it's all about finding someone with whom you share something, but while in real life it might take a long time to find out whether you do, eHarmony gets it over in a few minutes, measuring up you and everyone else through a comprehensive questionnaire.

After that, it's just a simple matter of checking the results, and providing you with a list of free to review matches.  The rest is all yours, and it's a great way to start dating in Ilkeston properly, with other singles who are serious about romance.

If this sounds interesting, why not become a paid member?  Unlike with free dating sites, eHarmony is known as a place for more committed romantics, and the subscription is proof of that.  It could be the first step to something new.

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Derbyshire is rich in places to go on a date but finding someone to go with can be difficult.  If you're a busy bee, you might struggle to meet fresh faces - especially ones you won't later avoid in the street should things go the wrong way.  eHarmony helps you avoid the disastrous dates, and motions you onto something really special, simply by helping you discover who's most compatible for you.  With plenty of success stories to boast of, love's certainly happened through eHarmony before, and with luck, you might find it too.

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