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Life's a beach...


Caught in an enviable position between Devon and Hampshire, Dorset is itself brimming over with natural beauty, with smooth sandy beaches (and, admittedly, a few vicious stony ones).  It's only fitting then that such a romantic setting should have a whole load of couples involved in serious romance.  And, for the most part it does, but that's no comfort if you're not one of them.  If you're looking at eHarmony, you're probably looking to find someone with whom you could begin such an enchanting relationship, one date at a time.

Love gets around, eventually.  In the meantime, there's dating in Dorset to think of, but that can sometimes seem tricky in a county that's pretty much all rural.  With the exception of that big urban cluster on the coast, where ChristchurchPoole and Bournemouth huddle together, either for warmth or nefarious purposes (accounts differ), most of Dorset seems to be tiny villages and rolling hills.

That's not a bad thing, and should ever Dorset singles out in the sticks meet, there's plenty of delicious country pub food, or relaxing scenic walks if you're looking for a romantic-but-free dating activity.  Gillingham and Dorchester are the big boys out here, providing more of a restaurant scene for the traditional dinner date while also being a great place just to meet for lunch in a café, or picnicking in the park.

Meanwhile, who could forget Weymouth?  Boasting awesome walks along Chesil Beach and the fossil-ridden Jurassic Coast, not to mention a taste of urban living that is pretty rare down this way.  If you're lucky enough to live here, you can easily wow your date with the nearby scenery or even through a more traditional trip to the Electric Palace.



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How does a Dorset dating website help?

For all the many and myriad pleasures of the county, both natural and manmade, the sheer isolation of some places can make it hard to meet new people.  It's not just wide open spaces that cause a problem either - many working and professional singles in the cities may live right next to a hundred others, but they'll never get round to meeting them all thanks to lack of time (and on some sad occasions, community).

However, with the online dating Dorset has on offer it becomes a lot easier to meet people in your spare time, and eHarmony ensures that the Dorset singles that do pop up on your screen are the kind you'll want to date again and again.  Every member fills in a questionnaire, and eHarmony compares the results, so it can put together only people who are highly compatible.  It all goes towards better dates, a potentially even a relationship - it's all up to you!

There's no guarantee of course, but the Dorset dating scene could soon have another couple walking along those gorgeous beaches.  You never know until you reach out!


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