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It may seem a small town in rural Dorset, but while Weymouth may not have the size of Bournemouth, it still has some claims to fame.

The most unwelcome of these of course is that the town is thought to be one of the potential places where the Black Death first arrived on English shores.  This not only shows the age of the settlement, and the importance it held back then, but it also makes clear that trade was once a big part of life here.  The town reached out to strange parts, and was successful because of it.

The same lesson can be applied to love - it rarely comes to you, you have to go out and look.  And what better place to look than on a dating website like eHarmony, which matches Weymouth singles based on compatibility, not postcode.

A step above the free dating sites that festoon their pages with hundreds of singles, all completely irrelevant to you, eHarmony is for people who are serious about their romance.  With over a decade of experience in dating, and a subscription that attracts professional singles and the romantics, while keeping out time wasters, eHarmony is a great place to begin if you're looking for someone to potentially begin a relationship with.

Not sure?  Why not take our questionnaire?  We'll take the results, and see if there are highly compatible singles in your area (sometimes, it must be admitted, there aren't).  It's free to review matches too, so you can see if we've got the right idea about who you're looking for.

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Dating in Weymouth - Make the most of sunny days...

Now, we're not saying that you should ever shirk the nice restaurants - a full stomach should be part of the plan for any date regular.  However, here at eHarmony we're all about better dates, so don't be afraid to add a little something on to the start of the evening.  By something, of course, we mean an activity that'll get you both relaxed, and, hopefully, knowing a little bit more about each other.

Quite asides from a walk out to Portland along Chesil Beach, as great for couples as it is for me-time, the whole of wider Dorset is out there waiting to be explored!  The outdoors is great fun, with potential for ultimate frisbee, barbecues, picnics, cycling, even horse trekking.  The Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens are a great stop for some romantic scenery, whereas if the fresh air sends you out in rashes of 'I don't want to be here', a date at the Electric Palace will go down just as well.

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