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5 great dates in Hove:

1.       Tennis in Hove Park

Sport is often overlooked by dating veterans, but why?  It gets your heart racing, your skin flushed, and relaxes you by the end.  Whether you play against each other, or with each other, tennis is one way to bond.  Or, if you're uncomfortable with getting sweaty, or would rather a free dating experience, take a hamper instead, and talk over homemade cupcakes as you soak up the atmosphere of the park.

2.       Boating on Hove Lagoon

Some dating couples are happy to swan about romantically at a live music event, but this is often the death of talking.  So if it's early days yet, swan about on the water instead - with plenty of time to talk and a good view, get that old staple of fish and chips, find a canoe, and oar away.

3.       Beach Hut Date

Beach huts can be hired, so if you've the money and are keen on your companion, why not reserve your own private space for the day?  It shows forethought, and will give you a bit more privacy should a tourist swarm descend.

4.       Paddle Round the Pier

The annual boat festival held at Hove may only come round once a year, but rare events make for a special date, whether it's a festival or a special one-off gig by your date's favourite band.  In this case, hire/inflate yourself a vessel for two and enjoy the riot of colour that sparks off here every summer.

5.       Culture Date

Oh cinema, where would we be without you?  Well, the theatre for one.  The Old Market is an excellent way to tap into the feelings of excitement and drama, and foster that deep conversation afterwards.  If you want to be really intellectual, precede with a tour around the Hove Museum and Art Gallery, before ending the night with a bottle of wine and cultural meal of choice.


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A beach hut romance - inspirational Hove dating from

Colourful, vibrant, and not so much neighbouring nearby Brighton as crashing all the parties and leaving a mess on the couch, Hove is the friend any lively lot want to have, with a raucous nightlife and a summer to die for.

In fact, it's hard to believe that anyone here can't be on some epic romance, kissing on the pier, making love on the beach and dining finely on the best food East Sussex has to offer.

They're wrong of course - because for every handholding tourist down on their honeymoon, there are five people working behind the stalls, the wheel, or the desk, as despite all appearances to the contrary, Hove singles do have to work, even during the high season.  This makes dating in Hove more difficult - there's no daylight in winter, and no free hours in summer.  You don't want to bet your precious time on a complete stranger - but there's no other way to get to know people.

No other way, at least, until the dating website came onto the Hove dating scene.  Busy and professional singles can now find matches in their free time online.  eHarmony goes one step further it recommends the most compatible, making for better quality dating.  You get what you pay for after all, but if you're not convinced, give our questionnaire a whirl.  It's free to review matches, and you'll see that we suggest people who really are worth spending money on!


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