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Dating in Lewes - ideas for the new arrival:

So you've recently moved to Lewes, whether for temporary work or with intent to settle for a while.  Thing is, if you want to go dating in the area, you might be a little lost for where to begin.

Firstly then, and as you know, no date is complete without food at one end of it, and you might find your erstwhile companion knows the best restaurants - don't be afraid to ask.  Even if you've been here ten years, everyone likes to show off their favourite places, so if you're stuck, it's no trouble looking for advice.  Even so, if you don't want to seem like a Lewes rookie, the internet is waiting.

Otherwise, a picnic in Sheffield Park and Garden might be just the ticket, a nice easy way to start the date before you go a'wandering - it's a solid free dating option.  Bring homemade goodies, from cookies to cakes, milkshakes to lasagne.  Put the effort in, and you're sure to impress.

Finally, don't forget to look further afield for real romance.  Brighton is renowned for its nightlife, while the South Downs are great for a scenic walk.  If you've picked someone on eHarmony based on compatibility, the chances are that you'll never run out of things to say, so don't be afraid of dates that give you plenty of time to say it.


Don't forget eHarmony!  With us you can rediscover dating in Lewes and meet better potential partners to boot!  It's free to review matches, so why not fill in our questionnaire, and see who you could be dating in times to come?



eHarmony: a leading Lewes dating site for quality dates in the Downs.

Happily sited in the South Downs National Park in East Sussex, Lewes is basically one big AONB.  It's not just the hills that look good though, when you find someone with who you really connect, they can often seem pretty much the most attractive thing in the world.

Or so Disney would have it, but a real romance isn't usually as simple as love at first sight - how many strangers make your heart quiver on a day to day basis?  Instead, from date to date we average Joes and Josephines size each other up, learn more about our companion's funny quirks, probe carefully for romance-killing baggage, and enjoy a few classy meals in the process. 

Then, you either find love, a comfortable relationship, or something you'd really rather get out of, because dating can be something of a minefield.

It's less so with eHarmony however, a dating website which matches Lewes singles based on how compatible they are with each other.  It makes for a better quality romance, with people you really get.  We can't promise love, but we can help you find it.


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