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Seaford online dating the eHarmony way

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Dating in Seaford - a few quick tips

Seaford's other claim to fame is that the wife of Winston Churchill once made it her home, so here are a few dating tips as that old British bulldog would have them, lovingly ripped off from his speeches.

1.       "Wars are not won by evacuations"

In the words of the Kaiser Chiefs, "love's not a competition, but I'm winning".  They may be single and on our site, but that doesn't mean they will be forever.  So if you're interested, don't put off that first correspondence until later - be confident, be first.  Get them out for a scrumptious meal at Ollivers, before someone else does it.  Sad truth of the matter; we all have multiple soulmates out there waiting for us, and the early bird gets the date.

2.       "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds...we shall never surrender"

If you're turned down once, don't throw in the towel.  It happens, even with common interests, a good photo, and an immaculately worded profile.  Sometimes people just chicken out.  Concentrate on the others - if you've enough in common, you know you'll get along well.  Take them out for a long walk over the Seven Sisters, try not to wreck any ships, and really get to know each other.  A thermos flask of hot chocolate and a picnic will work wonders here.

3.       "I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly"

There's not much reason for this to be here, except that it isn't nearly as famous a quote as it should be.  Nonetheless, excessive drink is bad for a date - go out to a club sober, and you'll see how drunks aren't as funny or charming as they think.  So if you're the type to get nervous and get sloshed along with it, consider a date where you can't get drunk - take a cycle ride across the Downs towards Brighton and Hove, a fantastically sober free dating experience that'll get you fitter too.


Register with eHarmony today, and discover Seaford's second world.  It's quick, free, and an effective way of finding single people.  Create a profile, get dating in Seaford, and who knows where things could lead?


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A Tale of Two Seafords, from the eHarmony dating site...

Seaford singles gather round, pull up a beanbag, mix some coffee.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I'll begin...

Once upon a time the town of Seaford was full of nefarious criminals, who drew ships onto the coastal rocks by setting up harbour lights where there was only jagged cliff.  This confused, and, shortly afterwards, really quite annoyed the captains of the victimised vessels.  And, amusingly enough, the wreckers became known as the Seaford Shags.  The 16th century was odd like that.

Fast forward to the now, and the Seaford dating scene is similarly full of wreckers, usually employers who, while being lovely enough to employ you, also suck away a lot of the time you have to meet new, remarkable people.

With the dating website however, the dating world opens up, and suddenly there are two Seafords.  One is the everyday coastal town, where finding the right person is hard, because there are so many of them.

And then there's the other town, the online town.  A Seaford dating site like eHarmony brings you closer together with local and professional singles alike, based on mutual compatibility.  It makes for better quality dates, in what's already a fantastic town for romance.

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