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Find love in Epping: onwards and upwards

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Dating in Epping: You have reached your destination!

As you travel eastbound on London’s central line, each passing station signifies a gradual change; the hustle and bustle slowly begins to disappear as the journey takes you out of East London and eventually into Essex. The final and terminating stop - the town of Epping - is a true contrast to the city’s urban setting. In fact, surrounded by the glorious Epping Forest – a stretch of land with incredible local and national importance – it is one of Essex’s most charming rural locations.

Due to its convenient transport links with the capital, Epping is becoming increasingly popular with professional singles and those eager to experience its country setting and small-town charm.

When it comes to dating in Epping – it’s unique features make it perfect for a romantic and truly delightful date.

Is one of your free to review matches an animal lover? With over 22 acres of land, Old McDonalds Farm provides a fun day out for all. Alongside common farm animals there are more exotic species like wallabies and meerkats for you to marvel at, as well as a petting zoo if you’d like to get hands on and even help feed some little lambs. An enjoyable and interactive Epping dating idea for you and your eHarmony match!

If you’d prefer an altogether more romantic type of date, you might like to consider the beautiful Copped Hall. With the aim of retaining its original beauty and historical importance, this old Georgian mansion set in the middle of glorious stretch of parkland has recently been restored. If you’d like to take your loved one here, there are guided tours offering fascinating insight into how the mansion has stood the test of time. It would certainly be a cultural and suitably romantic Epping dating experience.

If you’re a night owl, chances are you might prefer an evening date. The town’s substantial pubs and restaurant scene means you’ll have lots of choice if you want to stay local when Epping dating, however one of the best is undoubtedly the Clocktower. With delicious home cooked food and a beautiful ambience, it would be perfect for the first meal you share together. If the weather is nice, be sure to ask for an outdoor table – the restaurant's two terraces would be the perfect setting on a particularly balmy evening.

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