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Three major advantages to online dating in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

1. Online brings people together - no matter how far apart...

The epitome of 'green and pleasant land', Gloucestershire might seem all fields to the untrained eye, a mythical rural idyll where farmer's daughters might frolic in hayfields with the blacksmith, and sheep sing happily in the fields.  There's certainly no shortage of farm machinery:

"Oh, we can’t read and we can’t write,

but that don’t really matter,

'cos we all come from Cheltenhamshire,

and we can drive a tra'tor."

- Football chant, Cheltenham FC

Plenty of agricultural skills then.  But what about love?  Yes, that big old soppy thing everyone keeps going on about.  Dateable lovelies don't grow on trees, and you can't just walk up Cleeve Hill and run into the One.  People in villages like Winchcombe, Painswick or Stratton tend to struggle in this regard - the relative isolation of the neighbourhoods makes it tricky to meet new faces.

A dating website like eHarmony can help though, helping you find compatible Gloucestershire singles looking for a meaningful relationship – or perhaps an exciting romance that will get the village green gossips really yapping.

2. Online helps you avoid those disaster dates – only putting you in touch with compatible matches.

Have you bucked the stereotype?  If you've settled in Gloucestershire's main towns, whether Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester or the city of Gloucester itself, then isolation isn't as much of a problem as time.

Time is something all working and professional singles really need more of.  You need time to file that report, get back from work, clean the dishes before you even think about making yourself look presentable.

You need time to make sure the date you’re going on doesn’t end up like all your previous dead-end Gloucestershire dating experiences. Even the best of relationships can break apart when the common ground sinks beneath an ocean of boredom, so it's not surprising that two strangers might not always get on famously across the dinner table.

eHarmony can help here too.  We know that, no matter how busy things get, there's always time for the internet.  So if you can find fellow Gloucestershire singles online, how much easier would that be?  Well, with us you can.  More to the point, you can start communicating before you meet, allowing you to discover all about your matches interests and favourite hang-out spots.

3. It’s free to review matches, so you have nothing to lose

A dating website unlike any other, eHarmony’s compatibility promise means that you’re highly likely to get on with the singles we put you in touch with. This means that every date you go on could be a chance to meet someone who is perfect for you.


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Whether you’d like to treat your match to a dinner date, a daytrip to a museum or even a simple free dating idea like a romantic picnic in the park – dating in Gloucestershire is bound to be endlessly fun.

If you want to start your eHarmony journey, register online at and take a positive and pro-active step towards an all new you.


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