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About eHarmony

eHarmony is a dating website designed to help certain Gloucester singles find each other across a busy city.  Recommending matches to you based on shared compatibility, it's a great way to find that special someone with whom you could form a relationship.

eHarmony is a subscription based site - which partly guarantees the quality of our members in any case - you know that they're serious about finding romance, and are often professional singles looking for thrilling dates outside of the workplace.  However, for those who aren't sure, it's free to review matches so you can see if we have the right idea about you, and the sort of people who you'd date again and again.

We think we do, so come and prove us wrong! - see who you'll be matched with on eHarmony today!

About Gloucester...

Cheltenham's twin and rival, Gloucester still rules the county roost by dint of its size.  And with so many people around, dating in Gloucester is never going to be a struggle.  Whether it's that old familiar wander around the rejuvenated Docks, with all of the culinary delights to be found there, or a less traditional date at Prinknash Abbey Bird & Deer Park.  There are stunning views here, and you can feed anything from deer to peacocks with your companion, before relaxing in a café where the Catholic Abbot has been known to help out, habit and all.  Otherwise, for a free dating experience, remember that the Forest of Dean and the gorgeous scenery of the Wye Valley are only a few minutes away...



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About cheese, and other delights...

Once every year, a troupe of the brave, the foolhardy, and the lunatic, stand atop one of steepest hills in the whole of Gloucestershire, and watch a lump of cheese roll along down on its merry way.  And they charge after it, down that steep hill, rolling either in exhilaration or pain - you can't tell from the screams.  Watching it certainly makes for a unique date.

It says something about the local folk that, despite no-one ever having caught the cheese, despite the sheer number of broken limbs after the event, and despite the burly lads who tackle you at the bottom, people keep on going, after something that can be found in any dairy.

But it's not just any cheese.  This is cheese that's been rolled down a muddy hill.  People snap their own bones in pursuit of this cheese.  That's how good this cheese is.

Any other niche hobby - trainspotting, model building, stamp collection, might have other people shaking their heads and whispering 'forever alone...' but a dangerous pursuit after objects you could get in a Tesco store makes you a seriously sexy prospect.

So, with all the respect and worship that come from the noble sport of cheese chasing, why are there still Gloucester singles around?

It largely has to do with work - whether you're working ten hours a day in a bar on Eastgate Street, or one of the professional singles stuck in an office, you'll have noticed that there's a shortage of free hours to meet the right people.

If that's the case, then getting into the online dating Gloucester has on offer could be the solution - everyone finds time for the internet, and at eHarmony, we only recommend the most compatible with you.

eHarmony, the Gloucester dating website for people serious about dating.


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