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Stroud and Proud: Dating in Stroud made easy, with eHarmony.

A small Gloucestershire town with a damaged economy and congested roads, Stroud still has plenty of opportunity to go dating for determined romantics.  And while Gloucester and Cheltenham may have more in terms of in-town entertainment, the countryside surrounding Stroud is second to none.  It's practically Wiltshire.

Of course, the trouble isn't places to go, not here.  The trouble is finding the companion to go with.  People are in plentiful supply, unless you're unlucky enough to live in a fairly isolated village like Edge, Painswick, or Whiteway.  However, finding the one you want to date again and again isn't so easy, especially if you're searching for someone with whom to begin a long-term relationship.

A  leading Stroud dating website like eHarmony is the answer many Stroud singles have chosen - simply because it allows you to narrow down the field and uncover a wealth of available people you never knew existed.  eHarmony even goes further, helping you find that special someone by only recommending the most compatible matches for you to choose from.

And, as a subscription based site, our members are a class above the rest, and truly serious about romance.  So if you're interested in a relationship, eHarmony does provide some of the best online dating Stroud has to offer.


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When you're dating in Stroud...

What about those places to go we so intrigued you with earlier?  There has to be something better than an evening at the Apollo followed by a Subway right?

Well, it depends what you're looking for - after all, if you're on a budget, you'll be looking at a free dating option like a simple picnic in Stroud Park (at least when the forecast's good).  While it's difficult to plan too far ahead, bring some homemade delights along, or even your dog if it's good with strangers.  Either of these are sure to help break the ice and really help along your conversation.

Otherwise, if you're past that first initial dinner date and feel comfortable striking out away from the town together, why not head out by car or by bus to the old Roman town of Cirencester?  It’s superbly beautiful on snowy and sunny days - and with a wealth of good coffee shops and classy bars to boot.  Plus Cirencester Park provides a fantastic opportunity to get out walking, discovering the many follies (essentially what wealthy Victorians did to show off) hidden among the green.

Finally, if you're heading out to the Cotswold for one of the awesome country pubs there, keep an eye out for Giffords Circus.  This old school show is really an event not to be missed - while not as flashy as modern circuses, there's intimacy, and plenty of time to chat.  The perfect prelude to any meal!


So whether you're being brave and wooing your date within the town limits, or taking them out into the breathtaking Cotswolds for some impressively romantic surprises, find them and other top matches  with the eHarmony dating site.  A dating epic could be just around the corner.

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