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Hampshire romance in a very small town - Alton Dating with eHarmony:

Austen may have rested her wealthy, gold-plated bottom in nearby Chawton, but Romanticism died back in the 19th century, to be followed by Gothic Lit, to be followed by Twilight, and all the 'Dark Fantasy' it inspired that now sustains good bookstores near you.

If you're one of those busy professional singles who commute to an office every day, then the surest sign of a romantic heart is probably the man who gives you his place in the photocopier queue.  If you're working in a busy bar, the nearest thing to Casanova is the one who says "thank you" and brings back their empty glasses.

But what if you wanted a real romance?  Some good solid dates, with a real romantic atmosphere, a sense of fun, the potential for a relationship, and often a few surprises along the way.  You'd be just like a lot of Alton singles, including many eHarmony members.

eHarmony - quality dates

The eHarmony dating website helps, making it easy to meet those elusive folk you just have to see again and again, who are amazing and distracting, and full of potential for something more than just that dull old average date.  eHarmony makes matches based on compatibility - if you're highly compatible with every one of your neighbours, we'll add them to a list of recommendations.  If you aren't, we shan't spam you with suggested matches that plainly can't work.

The nearest highly compatible date could be five miles away, or just five hundred metres.  It's free to review matches on eHarmony, so why not fill in our questionnaire, and see how many likely candidates we have out there?  It could be the first step to something new, and very very special.



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Dating in Alton

Are you curious about dating in Alton itself? The town isn't that big, so if either you or your date have lived here a very long time, you'll likely either know all the best places already, or be entirely sick of them.  So why not mix things up with a trip out to pretty old Winchester, or big bustling Basingstoke.  Well, big Basingstoke anyway.

Otherwise, the town is surrounded by pretty Hampshire countryside - so take a drive out for a picnic - if you go in Spring, you'll see plenty of lambs and other young animals to provide the meat for any conversation.   And in any time of year, the good scenery and fresh air here will relax you both on a walk or a bike ride, and really put you in that intimate mood.

If you don't fancy heading out of town, lie back and go alfresco in Anstey Park - if you're looking for free dating activities, bring a frisbee, or better, a dog to catch it.  Pets are a fantastic way to break the ice, if it's early days for you and your romance.

Steamy dates and monkeying around:

Maybe a walk doesn't set your heart racing - and dinner is no fun on its own.  Well, two more... different options are available to make your days away just that little bit special.  The sedate option is a typical Sunday Lunch - with a twist.  Board the steam train of the Watercress Line and tuck into that roast as you huff and puff like a Big Bad Wolf through the countryside, presumably scaring pigs and piglets across the county.

The less sedate option...well, ever been fond of climbing trees?   Zipwires?  At Go Ape! Alice Holt, you can do just that.  A date is meant to be fun after all - what's better than getting back to nature, with a scream or two along the way?

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