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Why get eHarmony?

There's a warm perfumed wind gusting down the River Anton, stirring flowered skirts on the High Street, and the hair of that blue-eyed guy nervously getting ready to ask the lady on a date.  Eyes meet across shop shelves in Bridge Street and the restaurants have never seen such booming trade as romantic couples swarm in for that sensual meal.

Or at least that's the idea.  But for all romance should be in the air, people don't talk much in Sainsburys, no matter how many times they catch each other's eye.  And an actual warm wind relies on the weather, which is not to be trusted.  A gigantic fan could be quickly set up perhaps, but who can afford that?

Better to try a dating website then.  And as a leading dating site with over ten years of experience in making matches, eHarmony is perfectly placed to help Andover singles discover each other.

In particular, eHarmony focuses on long term relationships, and getting there one step at a time.  So we help singles find quality dates - because five average dates just can't top the one where you fall in love.

At eHarmony then, it's all about who you are highly compatible with.  You can find out now in fact - since it's free to review matches, why not fill out a questionnaire, and see who's a likely match in Andover?  With a more scientific approach than the free dating sites, and over ten years to hone that approach, you'd be surprised how accurate eHarmony's special matching system can be.

Plus, being subscription based, eHarmony's members are often more serious about finding a relationship than they are on the average free Andover dating site, which can sometimes attract people who're just looking for a few nights of sex.  Subscription is just an added reassurance of quality, so why not give eHarmony a go today?  You might be surprised who you'll find.


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Exceptional dating over Andover again

Sadly eHarmony is responsible for good dating services, not good jokes, so our most profound apologies if you've heard that one before.  We assure you that we're very good at romance, which, in Andover is, despite the small town feel, completely possible.  After all, Highclere Castle, the location for Downton Abbey is nearby, a fantastic place for a couple dating in Andover, whatever stage they've reached.

The town itself is flush with restaurants, but on sunny days you still can't beat a picnic in the park - not if you've made some of the goodies yourself.  Meet on the High Street on a sunny day before moving on to the Town Mills Pocket Park with a chequered blanket and lemonade.  With so much going on around you, you'll not be stuck for things to talk about.


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