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Dating in Basingstoke - how online can help!

An ancient market town with tower blocks presumably added to give the stallholders something to look at, Basingstoke is now almost entirely modern, with very little left to remind you of the past.  That's not necessarily a bad thing of course, and a dating site like eHarmony obviously owes a considerable amount to the modern era.  But there are some drawbacks...

The modern world is busy - really busy.  Basingstoke is bustling enough, but when you factor in all the professional singles commuting to Woking, Guildford and Greater London for their day job, it's clear that no-one's meeting anyone else any time soon.  At least, not that special someone who you could happily be dating a few hours later.

It's not just time that's a problem either - most of us meet many new people on social occasions, such as with friends at a bar, or at a garden party.  The trouble here is that no matter how good you are with people, no matter how many social circles you swing between, you might still not discover the guy who really makes you gasp (in a good, clean way).

Anyway, with all the loud music, it's hard to get to know them very well, before they lean forward to kiss.  And hey, maybe you'll end up one day with a wedding ring on your finger.  But it's more likely you'll pull the plug on the whole thing once you realise that lips like roses and skin the colour of milk doesn't always make for an intellectual titan.

A dating website like eHarmony solves all these problems - measuring potential matches by how compatible they are with each other, through an effective matchmaking system.  It's free to review matches too, so you can see what we have to offer before you subscribe.  It all goes towards quality Basingstoke dating that could lead to something new - as with most things, you just need to go out and look.

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Romance in 'Roundabout City' - Basingstoke Dating with eHarmony.


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A standard post-date conversation with any third party goes something like this:

"Actually, I was on a date."

"Oooh, how did it go?"

"Really good!  We went to this Indian place"

"Nice.  And what did you see?"

Cinemas are here to stay.  They've been killing theatres long enough, and you can't beat a good big screen for a film like Titanic, or Avatar (in fact, Avatar is so wasted on the small screen they might as well just run it in cinemas eternally).  If you like films, and your date likes films, why change?

If, however, you only go dating in cinemas because you've no idea of what to do, consider spicing things up a bit.  Slightly more exotic options include going for a date at the aforementioned theatres, which aren't quite buried under a multi-storey car park just yet - The Haymarket is excellent in this respect.  Or, for a free dating option, relax by the River Loddon in Eastrop Park with a picnic.

Finally, if you're looking for something slightly more out of the way, head out into Hampshire to visit The Vyne, a stately house and grounds that will give you plenty to talk about.


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