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'On Eastleigh, dating, and Benny Hill'-

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It may sometimes seem like just a small suburb of the city of Southampton, but Eastleigh has its own claim to fame.  In fact, as the BBC reported in 2009, Benny Hill, related to the comedy theme tune and definitely not Harry, found his first love here.

A young kid looking round a carnival in Eastleigh, he spotted a girl riding on a merry-go-round, and was so deeply smitten that every day of his holidays he travelled miles just to visit the café where she brought lunch for her father.

Now, most Eastleigh singles are maybe a bit more jaded than that - too many times a pretty face has hidden an empty head.  However, it's true that as Benny found, with the right people, all cynicism can be swept away, after all, dating is fun, and there's not any commitment behind it until you both decide to take your liaison to the next level.

Dating in Eastleigh itself is easy - whether you want to relax together with your date in the Lakeside Country Park, head out to Winchester for some tourism, the New Forest for a cycle ride, or Southampton/Portsmouth for some edge-of-your-seat theatre;  Hampshire provides many opportunities for dating couples.

So if you're single, all you need is a way to find that girl on the merry-go-round - metaphorically speaking.  An older, more adult one, or the coppers will need to have a word, but still one to make your heart beat faster - perhaps as fast as even the Benny Hill theme tune.

The dating website can help.  Essentially a social network solely for singles looking for relationships, or just a quality romance, with eHarmony, a leading Eastleigh dating site, you can be sure that the matches recommended are highly compatible with you.

eHarmony is all about putting down the foundations of a relationship - and if you've much in common, then there's so much more chance of that fundamental chemistry between you and your date.  eHarmony helps you get there, so if you're dating in Eastleigh and believe in quality over quantity, register on eHarmony and look over your free to review matches now.



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If you see someone you like, but not sure if they'd feel the same, don't be a stranger.  You never know if you don't ask.  And if they aren't interested, don't worry.  Maybe they're nervous themselves, or maybe it's just not meant to be.  Move along - there's plenty more fish in the Eastleigh dating pond, and at least you asked.  Benny Hill didn't, so despite days of moving miles just to catch a glimpse of her, he lost his girl from the merry-go-round. 

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