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Find love in Fareham

Five ideas for if you're dating in Fareham -

1.       The Forest of Bere...

The New Forest may be close by, but who wants to take a date through the nightmare of Southampton traffic?  Instead, have a wander through the Forest of Bere, or even get on your pushbikes if you're a sporty pair.  Good scenery and ambiance does wonders for any date - and if you've already struck up a rapport online, it's sure to be a success.

2.       Find your own island...

Oh, yes, the Isle of Wight.  Like Doctor Who, it's a bit like going back in time - to when fishing towns were small and full of whiskery old fishermen.  Take the ferry out (though bring a pack of cards for the trip), sit casually on the pier, and get away from Great Britain for a while.

3.       Drinks and general debauchery...

Oh, if you insist.  Southampton and Portsmouth are both obvious choices in this regard, but if you're just looking for some of the devil's own brew, you can hardly do worse than to take your date out to one of the local country pubs - look out especially for pub quiz nights - the questions are sure to get you talking.

4.       A place for all swingers...

Go Ape! at Itchen Valley may be an odd choice for dating but the adrenaline rush will get you both chatting happily, a bit bruised maybe, but laughing.  Whether it's a zip wire descent or just the challenge of getting from tree to tree high above the ground, this isn't once for the scared-of-heights - and Planet Ice in Gosport might be better for those looking for calmer, if cheesier sports.

5.       A real Winchester...

Some dates like nothing more than to sit back and soak up history - so visit ye olde Winchester on a market day - as a former capital of England, it may lack the London vibe, but has plenty of sauce even so...

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We hope you're charmed by the prospects Fareham brings to the dating scene - and if you can't see those prospects still, your date is sure to know a thing or too.  So discover a fabulous new companion, and all the secrets they bring, with eHarmony - you'll be glad you did!



Onwards and upwards

Try eHarmony for a quality Fareham dating experience, and put the tiny Hampshire town on the map.

Notable for, if anything, not being notable, Fareham is one of those rare English towns with very few connections to any kind of fame or distinction.  It made some good bricks once, apparently, said bricks forming the bulk of the Royal Albert Hall.  But that's not going to wow the tourists very much.

So it's time to make the little town famous for something - and that might as well be its romantic aspirations - after all, there are plenty of working and/or professional singles too busy on the daily commute to Southampton or Portsmouth to meet new faces.  But what if they suddenly found they were able to discover highly compatible singles in their area, and get to know them quickly and easily?  Fareham might suddenly become the dating capital of the UK, and rule the world of amazing relationships forever!

Okay, there may be some work to do.  But you can get the town started with the eHarmony dating site - where you can find very romantic matches with Fareham singles online, and those from wider Hampshire.  Check through a list of highly compatible people on the eHarmony site, start that first online conversation, and then meet for real when you're ready.  Who knows where things could lead?


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