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Nestled beneath the South Downs like a sleepy kitten in a basket, Havant is surrounded by natural charm, with the glamour and lights of Portsmouth nearby and the beaches and leafy green of Hayling Island by the sea.

The location is fantastic, the romance is memorable, the only trouble is that many Havant singles are without the charming company needed to make a fantastic date actually happen.  There are lots of reasons for this; the main one being that juggling work with friends doesn't leave a huge amount of time for meeting that special someone.

Havant dating with eHarmony:

Especially good for professional singles without much time on their hands, the dating website has made it easy to connect with Havant singles.  However, some free dating sites will simply list every member they have, and leave you to get on with it.  eHarmony, a subscription based site, offers a much more personalised service, recommending matches to you based on how compatible they are.  That way, you get quality dates, more of the time.  Why not try it yourself?

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Dating in Havant:

If you join eHarmony, the chances are that you'll soon be dating in Havant - but where to go?  After all, despite the town's charms, it isn't exactly brimming over with fancy restaurants, though friends, the internet, even your date will be on hand to recommend their personal favourites.  However, while a lot of people begin dating for the romantic meals as much as anything else, for an early date you might want to avoid this (good) cliché - if there's no spark, you don't want to be stuck waiting around in a fog of awkwardness until the bill finally arrives.

Instead, aim to do something more non-committal with your date, at least until you're sure there's a bubbling chemistry between the two of you.  Activities in which you can talk are good only as long as you can quickly end them if needs be - a meet for coffee on West Street, a picnic in Havant Park (bring a dog, and/or cupcakes).

Keep it local, so both of you have an easy escape route should things go wrong, and see where it goes.  Otherwise, a traditional cinema or theatre date will give you a chance to talk, but not put on too many obligations to do so - and you'll have a show to chat about for drinks afterwards.

Adventure (and Portsmouth) is for later dates, where there's an element of trust between you.  So whether you want to go cycling in the Isle of Wight, a gig in the city, or a pub lunch in the Hampshire countryside, hold your horses until you know who you're dealing with.

It won't be so hard to guess with eHarmony however.  When you make matches based on compatibility, they often have a lot in common - so the chances are that your date likes what you like!

Why not try eHarmony today?  It's free to review matches, and you never know, they could be the one you need.


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