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Being the UK's only island city doesn't sound too impressive when you see the tiny width of water that separates Portsmouth from the mainland.  That said, the city's surroundings go a long way towards explaining its maritime history.  The Historic Dockyards are not only for the tourists, as the old masted vessels provide the perfect romantic setting for dreams of piracy, and ripping off poses from 'Titanic'.  HMS Victory can be found here, and was the ship of the Admiral Lord Nelson, who after his death at Trafalgar, was supposedly dunked into a cask of spirits for the return home.  Sailors being sailors, are said to have drank from it with the corpse of the admirable admiral inside.

Why not try using this fact as a leader before inviting your date out for evening drinks?   Try a sunny alcohol session with the peacocks of Victoria Park, which will reveal a number of monuments to the Navy, not to mention a chance to feed cute fluffy animals.

It's inevitable that a lot of Portsea Island's top attractions are by the Channel.  Spend your precious dating hours at Southsea's Clarence Pier Amusement Park, where nostalgia and candyfloss make for a winning combination. Or, if you hate Portsmouth's wholly shingle beaches, try heading out to the Isle of Wight, a short trip by ferry.   Ryde Beach is as sandy as you could wish, and the more private Seagrove Bay is also nearby for intimacy if you'd rather as few kids as possible.

Sick of the sea (why live on an island again?).  Shut yourself away from that salty air by dating in one of Portsmouth's indoor romantic venues.  The Siva Relaxation Centre will give you both a great deal of spa pleasure, while don't underestimate the theatre, music and comedy acts across the city.  The New Theatre Royal, the Cellars or the Guildhall are all excellent places to start for these.  Or, if the wash of the waves has begun to haunt your dreams, head out to the beauty of the South Downs for a pub lunch and potential resettlement.


Now, inevitably, a city has secrets.  Some of those are romantic places to date, hidden away in the alleys.   Others are romantic Portsmouth singles, secreted away in the common view - passer-bys you would never talk to.  The eHarmony dating website breaks down those social barriers, and shows you a world of secret Portsmouth singles from the comfort of your chair.

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Island romance - dating in Portsmouth with eHarmony UK

Portsmouth singles rejoice!  The less enthusiastic may also cheer silently.  eHarmony is a leading UK and Portsmouth dating site with a long time in the business of unifying single folk.  In short, if you're looking for a relationship, this is a good place to start finding quality dates, that could lead, well, who knows?

eHarmony makes matches based on the long term goals and aspirations of its members, working out how compatible two people are by what the dating site has discovered through a questionnaire.  If they're highly compatible, then they just showed up on each other's list.

It's not as limiting as it sounds - there'll still be a range of highly compatible people to choose from, but we've cut out the vast number of singles who weren't so promising, so you can easily find diamonds without interference from the food of the trough.

Why not try eHarmony today?  It's free to review matches, and it's a great way to meet quality dates with whom you really could go the distance.


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