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Dating in Bromsgrove - Living, relaxing and dating on the right side of Lickey End.

High fantasy, high seas, and higher education:

It may appear to be just another small Worcestershire town, set in stunning countryside, but there's more to Bromsgrove than there seems.  After all, in a place that raised Australia's female pirate, and near the inspiration for Tolkien's Shire, there's clearly a romantic, daring spirit.  If that wasn't enough, brainy old Jeremy Paxman was taught here.

So, what do we have then?  Smart, adventurous dreamers.  Just the sort of people to enjoy the dating lifestyle - if it wasn't for a couple of fairly major problems.

Universally Challenged:

The Bromsgrove dating scene (and that of Redditch and Kidderminster for that matter) has hit a few snags of late.  There are too many commuters.  Perhaps you're one, one of the ever-so-slightly overworked professional singles moving back and forth between here and Birmingham.  It sucks, we know, and we don't blame you.

But too many commuters makes for a lot of people who barely see their own town - what with work, and driving, and keeping the house clean.  It isn't good for romance.

There isn’t  much time to meet new people, and if you want to enter the Bromsgrove dating scene, you might find yourself stymied, struggling to find that date in the first place.  The eHarmony dating website is probably the best outlet for you then - recommending the best matches from our pool of Bromsgrove singles online, so you've a better chance of those amazing, can't-wait-for-the-next romantic encounters.



Onwards and upwards

Romantic dates in Bromsgrove...

You know where to go on the internet if you want to get the best of the Bromsgrove dating scene.  But what about offline?  What about when you find your date, and together decide to meet up?

Well, the obvious choice for your first face to face meeting is a short stop for coffee on the High Street, or an ice cream/picnic in Sanders Park (if it's a cold day, go for the coffee!).  This is because, for all your online chemistry, you don't want to be stuck in a restaurant or theatre for two or three hours with someone who's plenty good at internet chat, but not so fine at the real thing.  The first meeting just tests the waters - and see if digital flirting can translate to a real romance.

Afterwards, whether you want to head into the West Midlands and explore the foodie scene, or delve deep into the drama, exhibitions, film and comedy of the intimate Artrix (it may look small, squat and grey, but it's what inside that counts - and what's inside is often spectacular!), you've plenty to do.  Ask your date, and follow your shared passions.  When you date highly compatible matches, you'll have more than you first think.

One site to rule them all, and with great romance bind them.  Create a profile on eHarmony, and follow your fantasy of a fantastic dating lifestyle.



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