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Online dating in Kidderminster with eHarmony

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Making matches on the Kidderminster dating scene

We're all getting older (sob), but Worcestershire is doing it faster than most - between 2001 and 2011, the increase in over-65s was double the national average.  So best get dating now before everyone transforms into wrinkly old dears - or flees the county for younger shores, either way.

Kidderminster especially - since it's brimming over with working and professional singles too busy with the 9-5, and getting to Birmingham for their shopping, to actually date people in their home town.  They probably ought to start - because the thought of a nice romantic evening where you can just sit back and relax with someone truly engaging is a very good way to keep sane in a world which often isn't.

Dating in Kidderminster - where to go?

As with anything, context is important; if it's your first date the chances are that neither of you will be keen to venture very far from town - after all, if things don't work out, it's nice to have an easy escape route.

For example, you might want to try a picnic in Brinton Park.  It's quiet enough to talk here, dog-friendly if you have a pet to help break the ice, and close enough to town for a quick getaway should you need to.  Lunch in the town centre is also a good option - particularly if it's your lunch hour, giving you enough time to test the waters, but also an excuse to end.

Once you're sure that chemistry is there, the dating world opens up a little, so why not precede that obligatory dinner with something that suits both your interests?

We love animals - West Midlands Safari Park

We love adventure - Go Ape! Wyre, for all your zip wire and treetop clambering needs.

We love culture - The Rose Theatre.

We love to relax- Walk your date through the Wyre Forest, or chill in the park...

And if in doubt, there's plenty more out in the West Midlands...



Meet singles in Kidderminster with eHarmony

Kidderminster dating - where to begin!

Not sure where to start?  What you need is eHarmony, which is streets ahead of the average Kidderminster dating site  - where you can flump down on a sofa, plug in your laptop, and have quality matches recommended to you by eHarmony's clever compatibility system.

We're a site for Kidderminster singles to find the people best suited to them - and unlike a social network, you can be sure that most people on here are looking to date - which makes it easy to ask out the ones you like!

eHarmony makes it easier still, with over a decade of expertise to apply in finding you that amazing single diva you've been waiting for.  We list the cream of the single crop, and the rest is up to you.  Start up a conversation with whoever takes your fancy, and with luck a bubbling chemistry will ensue.

We can't promise love - no matchmaking approach, no matter how scientific, has ever pinned down which pairings make that happen yet.  One thing's for sure though, you don't find it without looking, and with eHarmony you can be fairly certain that even if you don't find a relationship, you'll have a great time with great people along the way.  It's free to review matches - so are you interested in seeing who comes up?


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