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Hertford, Hertfordshire’s county town, is rapidly becoming known as one of the liveliest locations in the region. Instead of the residents of North London’s suburbs heading south and into the capital for all their entertainment and culinary needs, more and more are heading north towards Hertford.

If you are one of the Hertford singles hoping to ask out of one your eHarmony matches, you might also be inclined to experience the various hot spots of this happening Hertfordshire town. And with plenty on offer, you won’t be short of ideas. Here’s a quick run-down of the best places to go!


For a low-key Hertford dating idea, this lovely little deli and coffee shop could be a great daytime meeting location. The name of the café reflects its surprising nature; with a modest interior but a large and varied selection of food and drink on offer, you might find something unexpected during your visit. So indulge in some serendipity and ask one of your fellow Hertford singles on a date here - you never know what might happen!

The Old Barge

One of the greatest things about Hertford is its individual nature. Instead of the same old set of chain pubs and restaurants, it offerings are more distinct. One of the best and most unique places to hang out is The Old Barge: a traditional pub and restaurant. Popular with cyclists and boaters for its location by the river, it’s also just a fantastic place to grab a drink or a bit of comforting pub grub. A lovely Hertford dating idea for any day of the week!

The Whistling Duck

With its self-declaration of being “Hertfordshire’s best kept secret”, this highly rated restaurant appears to be a living in the past somewhat. Today, there’s nothing hush-hush about The Whistling Duck and it’s certainly no secret that it’s probably the town’s most popular restaurant: a fact reflected by its glowing reviews and bustling atmosphere. With a romantic and sophisticated décor and a la carte menu, it’s one of the most impressive Hertford dating experiences around!

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