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Rain and romance in the South East - dating in Hoddesdon with eHarmony, great for even the wettest days...

 It's not the prettiest name, but it has some pretty folk in it.  They're often in a rush, trudging from the Hoddesdon suburbs in the early hours of the morning, to offices and shops in Broxbourne, London and Essex, but every now and then someone will catch your eye and smile.

And there the flirting oh-so-annoyingly ends for many Hoddesdon singles on the move, because in a country where the clouds shower them with rain like an over-eager bridesmaid with confetti, no-one really goes outside unless they're on the move.  So when you meet Miss Cute-in-a-Suit, the likelihood is that you'll both be going to work, and won’t want to chat.

That's exactly why many busy professional singles are turning to the dating website - because their job eats into their time for meeting people.  Others join eHarmony because they want a taste of real romance, with someone who really matters - company can be found in any bar after all, but candles and chocolates, with an amazing dinner?  Only a romantic would think of that, and it's the romantics who dominate the online dating lifestyle.

As for the Hoddesdon dating scene, well, the little town is right on the edge of the Lee Valley Park, fantastic for a date outdoors - you can even follow in the footsteps (oarsteps?) of the British Olympic athletes, at the Lee Valley White Water Centre, though this is definitely one for when you know your partner well.

If you'd rather keep it traditional, show off your favourite secret restaurant, or, if you don't know the town so well, get your date to do so instead - everyone loves showing off their knowledge when it's asked for.  Alternatively, head over to Harlow for some theatre at the Harlow Playhouse - it's one step up from cinema in that each experience is unique, and as performances are live, they will ever be the same twice.



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There are plenty of free dating sites out there, but they tend to be a bit hit and miss; you've no real way of knowing whether enough exists between you and your chosen single until several misspent meals and an argument later.  eHarmony however makes matches based on shared aspirations, goals, and quirks.  It determines which couplings are the most compatible, and recommends likely Hoddesdon singles for you to choose from and date.  In this way, it gives you a better idea of who you might be able to keep a relationship going with, though the passion is down to you.  More to the point, as subscribers, they're likely to be serious about building a romance, something you don't always get on dating sites.  Plus, it's free to review matches too, so why not have a look, and see who eHarmony's recommends?

So if you want to start dating in Hoddesdon properly, forget the bars, for now at least, and keep the lonely heart ads out of the Hertfordshire Mercury.  Register with eHarmony, and discover a fantastic world of quality Hoddesdon dating today.  Can you guess who's matched with you?


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