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Onwards and upwards

5 top Watford dating ideas:

Are you new to the area?  Well, it's better late than never!  eHarmony has  put together five easy dating ideas:

1.       Relaxed dinner and drinks at Bar Bodega:

Watford Council are proud folk, having received a Purple Flag award.  It's essentially a prize for vibrant nightlife, safe streets and drunk management. Bar Bodega probably helped with that award, and provides a sophisticated wining and dining experience in romantic surroundings, for the over-25s.

2.       Outdoor dating at Cassiobury Park:

Now this gem of greenery was actually awarded a Green Flag award, which rather implies the council is collecting (they'll be building a beach soon to complete the set).  Cassiobury Park is the place for a picnic, and you can even have a go on the tennis courts with your date - for once a free dating activity as there's no charge for use.

3.       Fits and giggles at Highlight:

As their website says, the Highlight comedy club is the biggest designated comedy club in the world.  But as the saying goes, "it's not how big it is, it's how much they laugh at it".  Or something like that.  You'll certainly be laughing here - some real top acts have been known to show up.

4.       A West End show, in Watford:

Watford is host to some great theatre, with the Colosseum and the Palace both attracting West End stars.  See what you date likes and pick a show, it's bound to delight, and give you plenty to talk about over drinks later.

5.       London's calling:

Oh, the capital.  Wouldn't it be nice to go there for some purpose other than work or shopping?  Play the tourist with your date - visit the vast art galleries, buildings and museums.  Unlike almost anywhere else in the country, they're usually free.

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Find love in Watford

Keen for a proper romance?  You're in the right place!  Dating in Watford with eHarmony

One of the few places in Hertfordshire that doesn't seem to have had the life sucked out of it by nearby London, Watford still hosts plenty of young, professional singles and other working bods who have to commute every day - but the trip's so short they have time to party when they get back.  And party they do - the town’s nightlife is extremely lively, with comedy clubs, great theatres with West End shows, good clubs, great restaurants and exquisite bars.

It's exactly the kind of place in fact, which would be perfect for a date with a difference - one where neither party ever gets bored.  So why not find one with the eHarmony dating site?  It has plenty of Watford members and folk from London too, a pretty deep pool for any romantic to look for treasure. 

Time was, when you were out of the house, you were in public, ready to socialise, and when you were in, you weren't.  But now, with the internet, and especially with the dating website and social network, you can be connected to people all the time, if you want to.

So if it's a rainy day, too cold to go out, or you're tired of the same old dates, get on eHarmony and find the best matches online.  It's free to review matches - and those matches will be specially chosen for you.  That way, you get a more tailored online dating experience, one that revolves around you, where every single suggested shares many traits on a fundamental level, making for a date where you just can't help getting on.




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